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No Gym, No Problem: How to Workout From Home With Furniture

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Are you tired of going back in forth to gym centres just to fulfill your good intentions of working out? Given that it is too far away, and it’s just a waste of time to travel. So you believe that it’s better to stay at home and do your thing.

According to Fitness Industry Association, 80 percent of gym members stop going to gym within 24 weeks. A lot of them can even quit earlier if they haven’t signed a 6-month agreement. If you lose the drive to work out in fitness centres due to costs and location issues, then it’s time to innovate your home furniture and use it as exercise equipment.

Well, not going to gym is not a problem. You can workout at home plus you can save your time and money. Here are the four basic fat-blasting, cardio and strength-worthy exercises that you should do.

Stool Push Ups

Place both palms on the seat and walk back to work out in plank pose. After that, bend your elbows and body facing the floor. Repeatedly push yourself up using the strength of your palms. You can also do step ups, box jumps, and box shuffles.

Just make sure that the chair is stable enough to support your weight.

Armchair Single-Leg Stand Up


Boost the balance and stability of your legs and glutes with this simple type workout. Stand in front of the armchair and hold your right knee with both hands up against your chest. Do the same thing with your left knee then slowly sit back into the armchair while you hold the right knee. Never let go of your knee once you stand back up again. Do it ten times for every leg.

Three-Part Roll Down

Sit facing the bed with your knees angled to 45 degrees with feet flat on the floor. You can also insert your toes under the edge of the bed to hold your legs from moving too much. Place both hands at the at back of your neck.

By using the frame of your bed, you can quickly sit up without needing a partner. Slowly lower your body to the floor. Pared down your lower back first then your mid back and lastly the upper back and head to the floor. Ideally, repeat the process 15 times in a row.

Tummy Tucks

While sitting on the sofa and watching television, you can burn the belly fats and even get abs.  With both hands placed beside your hips, subtly sit on the edge of the sofa. Keep a straight back posture as you bend the two knees in a right angle manner and elevate your heels from the surface of the floor.

Bolster up your diaphragm down to your spine and breathe in. Then lean back as far as you can without touching the back of the sofa. Continue to keep the 90-degree position and straight spine. Exhale every time you lift your legs to the level of your hip.

Finally, lower your legs and touch the floor with the tip of your toes while you maintain the hinge position of your upper body. Gradually repeat the movement at least 20 times.


Exercise gives a significant share in maintaining your mental and physiological health. If you’re tired of going to the gym, there’s no need to worry. You can still exercise while watching your favourite TV series. If you have a will, you can find a way.

Remember the proper breathing, and keep posture to avoid injuries. Fulfill your fitness goals at home with furniture. Break the sweat and kill the dalliance!

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