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During Nowruz, what nutritional tips should we follow to keep our body fit? What are the most important factors to have a fit body? What important things should we consider in order not to become overweight and obese

If you have decided to go on a diet many times, but you haven’t been able to, or you are waiting for the Saturday that is supposed to be the day to start your diet, but it has not yet arrived, Dr. Mohammad Hashemi, a nutritionist, tells you in this report that going on a diet is not difficult at all even during Nowruz visits; It is for a simple reason, because you are not going to be deprived of the pleasure of eating, just eat in moderation. Contrary to what you might think, eating right is not that difficult. If you still need a boost to start your diet, don’t miss this report.

You are not going to be deprived of the pleasure of eating

Investigating the causes of obesity shows that this complication has one reason, that is eating more than the amount of food needed by the body, but the problem of overweight is not limited to this. In any society, there are many cultural causes that lead to obesity. In our society, one of these cultural causes is the customs of parties. At parties, we always prepare several models of sweets and food and we insist that the guests do not miss any of them. Ironically, these simple compliments are one of the main causes of obesity in our society.

During Nowruz holidays, these parties and regular compliments reach their peak and the work of people who have to diet and lose weight becomes more difficult. But all these seeming problems have a simple solution, and that is that we should not forget the principle of balance under any circumstances and remember that balance in eating does not mean being deprived of food, and a person who is overweight is not supposed to be deprived of the pleasure of eating. be

Do not confront

My advice to all dear hosts is to practice giving up compliments right now; Instead of serving all kinds of sweets and chocolates in the sight and visits and preparing elaborate dinner tables with fruits and healthy and light foods, they should welcome the guests. Another practice is necessary for the hosts, that is, not to insist on the guests to eat during Nowruz visits.

Dieting is not not eating

If we believe that dieting is not not eating; We don’t worry about our food plan even during the Nowruz holidays because we can eat everything according to the rules and of course in the required amount, so my advice to all my loved ones who have to diet in Nowruz is to eat as many calories as their body needs, i.e. Follow the same golden principle of balance. To implement the principle of diversity, they can also divide the same amount of food that they are allowed to eat during the day between different parties.

Snacks can be easily divided into different visits, so you only need to keep a close eye on how many calories you need throughout the day. Of course, it’s natural that sometimes everything doesn’t go according to plan, but this careful look at the amount of calories you consume will help you to make up for it the next day if you don’t follow the appropriateness of eating in your diet one day.

Eating nuts is not prohibited

Nuts are one of the most popular foods that happen to have a special place in Nowruz receptions. It is not forbidden to eat it for friends who are on a diet, because brains are rich sources of minerals and useful fats, so if their calorie content is respected, they can be a very good substitute for snacks. But the problem is that it is not easy to maintain a limit in eating nuts.

My advice to all friends who are going to keep their diet during Nowruz holiday is to be careful about the amount of nuts they eat. A balanced amount of nuts to eat is the size of a handful. In addition, you can choose nuts that have less calories and fat.

Major meals should not be skipped

The easiest solution that comes to the mind of many people who are going to pass their Nowruz diet is to skip main meals and eat snacks instead. While this solution seems simple; It means messing up the healthy eating pattern! A diet has 3 principles; Balance, proportion and variety.

Therefore, by eliminating meals, the amount of calories needed by our body may be maintained and the principle of balance is observed, but the proportion of food is generally disturbed, and this also endangers the health of the body in the long run. This solution may be applicable in the short term, for example, one day on vacation, but more than that is not recommended at all. The best solution is to reduce the size of the main meals and divide them into snacks. In this way, you maintain both balance and proportion without depriving yourself of eating.

Give more importance to breakfast

Eating breakfast in Nowruz is very important and should continue like any other day of the year. It is better not to change your meals during Nowruz. A full breakfast reduces your appetite in the next hours of the day, and on the contrary, not eating breakfast makes you want to eat more in the next hours of the day.

Be sure to include dairy products, bread, and cereals in your breakfast so that, in addition to providing your body with the necessary nutrients, you can avoid overeating non-nutritional items in the snack. Eating breakfast also helps to control the blood sugar of diabetics.

Warning to sweets lovers!

As much as we are open to eating nuts, we should be careful when eating sweets. Sweets are also common foods in Nowruz visits. But since the fat and sugar in sweets are not natural and approved fats, we are not allowed to eat them at all.

In general, treating sweets with caution is one of the warnings we give to all our friends, whether they are on a diet or those who are not, and who are worried about their weight gain during Nowruz holidays. One or at most 2 sweets a day, medium-sized dry sweets can be a part of your meal plan during Nowruz holidays, but more than that will definitely make you overweight at the end of the holiday. Try to eat sweets before meals, which will at least suppress your appetite. If you eat sweets after a meal, you will contribute a lot to your excess weight.

Sharing fruit consumption

The food guide pyramid recommends consuming 2-4 units of fruit per day. During Nowruz, due to the greater availability of fruits, in large sizes, their consumption is usually excessive and excessive. Therefore, especially if you are overweight or obese, limit the consumption of fruits to two average fruits per day. It is better to choose smaller fruits from the container. Plus, sharing the fruit you’ve peeled with others can help reduce the amount of fruit you eat. For example, make an appointment with the people around you to eat a fruit together or, for example, offer a fruit that you have peeled to others.

Cut out the soda

Now that you may gain more calories during Nowruz days, it is at least necessary to reduce the unnecessary and excessive calories of some food items. Soda is one of them. Avoid carbonated drinks, which have become an integral part of our party tables, and replace them with low-fat buttermilk or yogurt. This small thing can remove a lot of calories from your meal.

In addition, add the nutrients of buttermilk and yogurt to your food, because the intake of sugary substances is high during Eid, limit the consumption of sugar with tea as much as you can.

Entertainment called cooking

Maybe Nowruz is considered a rest period for you and you want to spend less time in the kitchen and spend more time having fun. It is your right to want to relax and have more fun during Eid, but this should not be a reason to go to fast food and take out.

You must know how much these foods affect your weight gain; So it’s better to use group cooking as a pastime. In addition, you can entrust cooking to a family member every day and make it fun.

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