Nutritional measures to treat fatty liver

Lifestyle changes and the use of high-fat and unhealthy foods have caused many people to suffer from scabies liver disease today, and this disease has become one of the widespread diseases in our country. In this article, we introduce you to the necessary precautions for people with fatty liver and useful foods for these people.

Avoidance of people with fatty liver

  • Stress
  • Water between meals
  • cold water
  • Factory liquid and solid oils
  • Fast foods (sausages, sausages, etc.)
  • Beef and veal
  • Factory foods, snacks such as chips and puffs, etc.
  • Chemical essential oils
  • sugar
  • Caffeinated foods
  • High trans fats such as: liver, tedig, cream, sirshir, offal, etc.
  • Eggs should not be consumed with onion. (Don’t eat with onions more than twice a week)

Foods useful for patients with fatty liver

  • Pomegranate
  • Apple
  • plum
  • sour lemon
  • pear
  • Orange
  • cantaloupe
  • Strawberry
  • BlackBerry
  • Raisins
  • carrot
  • raspberry
  • barberry
  • Cabbage varieties
  • beetroot
  • Watermelon
  • garlic and onion
  • celery
  • pumpkin
  • the vegetables
  • jujube
  • almonds
  • Lettuce salad
  • Olives and olive oil
  • Laxative and hot and moist foods such as soups

Be sure to include exercise in your daily schedule.

Water between meals causes the secretion of saliva to stop, and as a result, digestion is disturbed; If the water is cold, that is another disaster, because the temperature of the stomach and liver is high (and their temperature increases with the digestion of food), which causes the stomach and its contents to freeze when a liquid and cold substance such as water enters. will be

With the sudden cooling of the stomach, which is adjacent to the liver, a buffer of fat is created around the liver; The best medicine that softens and removes this barrier is vinegar.

Ice water has caused liver problems, problems in the lungs, hoarseness and is one of the causes of stomach diseases, etc. Some doctors even believe that drinking ice water or hot water is one of the causes of gastric cancer Is.

Sam Deliri; Researcher and teacher of traditional medicine

Source: My travel guide

21 September 1396 15:34

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