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This is a diet where you can eat as much protein as you like.

Despite the royal wedding, all eyes are now on Kate Middleton. Like all brides-to-be, Kate went to great lengths to look her best. It is rumored that Kate and her mother were using “Dukan’s diet” to lose weight. But what is Dukan?

In this article, we review the most successful diets of famous Hollywood celebrities to help you get in shape for your wedding day.

Dukan diet

What is a shop? It is a diet where you can eat as much protein as you like. This diet is based on the diet of our ancestors.

Who has used Dukan’s diet? Jennifer Lopez, Gisele Bundchen (model), Kate Middleton and her mother Carol.

Weight loss rate: 3 kg is lost in 5 days.

Who invented it? It was created by Dr. Pierre Ducan, a French nutritionist with 30 years of experience.

How does it work? This program is designed to put the body into ketosis, forcing it to attack its own fat stores.

Details: Dukan’s diet consists of 4 phases:

Attack phase: From 1 to 10 days, eat as much protein-rich foods as you like, such as lean meat, fish, eggs, and fat-free dairy products.

Cruise Phase: Start using unlimited non-starchy vegetables (every other day). Eat a few days of pure protein foods and a few days of foods containing protein and vegetables to reach your desired weight.

Temporary Stabilization Phase: Once you reach your ideal weight, slowly start using fruit, carbs, and fat. Like pasta, bread, rice, and cheese. For every kilogram of weight you lost in the first two phases, stay in this phase for 10 days.

Permanent Stabilization Phase: It’s time to eat normally and sensibly again, but you should always eat pure protein foods one day a week.

zone diet

What is the Zone Diet? The zone diet is also designed based on the diet of our ancestors. It is a program in which calories are reduced and a balanced ratio of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats is consumed.

Who has used this diet? Jennifer Aniston, Madonna, Sandra Bullock, Demi Moore and Sarah Jessica Parker.

Weight loss rate: Proponents of this diet claim to lose 2 kilograms in the first 2 weeks.

Who invented it? Created by senior biochemist, Dr. Barry Caesar.

How does it work? By consuming a balanced amount of carbohydrates, protein, and fat, insulin levels in the bloodstream are controlled to prevent weight gain and inflammation in the body.

Details: To maintain balance, three main meals and two snacks should be considered per day, which include 40% carbohydrates, 30% pure protein, and 30% healthy fats. Anything made from white flour, white sugar and saturated fats is completely prohibited.

Eat right according to your diet

What is this diet? This diet, which is also known as the blood type diet, recommends some specific foods and prohibits others based on your blood type.

Who has used this diet: Miranda Kerr, Elizabeth Harley, Hugh Grant and Ellen DeGeneres.

Weight loss rate: if it is accompanied by exercise, you will lose 1 kilo slowly but safely in a week.

How does it work? This diet claims that different blood types show different chemical reactions to certain foods. When you eat according to your blood type, you can apparently protect yourself against many diseases and lose weight in the process.


For blood group O: a low-fat, high-protein diet is suitable.

Blood Type A: You will do well with a vegetarian diet.

For blood type B: the best diet is a varied diet of meat, fish and dairy products.

For blood type AB: A modified vegetarian diet is suitable (combination of diets A and B).

5-factor diet

What is this diet? It uses all 5 food groups. This diet has changed the traditional diet to healthy eating and exercise.

Who has used this diet? Jessica Simpson, Halle Berry, Eva Mendes and Katherine Heigl.

Weight loss rate: Jessica Simpson says she has lost 9 kg in 2 months.

Who invented it? Created by the famous and top trainer, Harley Pastrnak.

How does it work? Based on the classic concept of consuming fewer calories and burning more calories through exercise and a balanced diet.

the details:

Eat 5 times a day.

Each meal should include 5 types of protein, complex carbohydrates, fiber, and healthy fats and fluids.

Meals should not have more than 5 ingredients, or take more than 5 minutes to prepare, or take more than 5 minutes to cook.

Exercise 5 times a week. Do 5 exercises and repeat each for 5 minutes

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