Nutritional values ​​of some commonly consumed foods

Some foods can help us lose weight. We want to talk about foods such as jelly, mushrooms, ice cream and other useful foods and learn more about their nutritional values.

It is no longer like the old times that people rely on experience or empirical knowledge to deal with the phenomena around them. In the new age, science has the first and last word, and the media spread the word of science to people all over the world. But sometimes the volume of these news and information becomes so large that it makes it difficult to distinguish right from wrong, even sometimes the news that is heard contradicts each other. There are always conflicting stories about some foods.

People still don’t know their duty with some foods. To clarify this issue, Dr. Shahnaz Karkan, specialist assistant of traditional medicine and responsible for nutrition education of the Scientific Association of Traditional Medicine, has examined some common foods from the point of view of traditional medicine and at least defines your task with these few items.

Is jelly a bone builder?

Jelly is welcomed as a popular dessert by many people because of its quick and easy preparation method and its fancy and attractive shape. Jelly is made from a substance called gelatin, which is viscous and thick. Some people think that gelatin is an industrial food and consists of non-nutritive and harmful substances, while the reality is the opposite.

Gelatin is obtained from the bones of animals such as cows and fish and is marketed with changes in the usual way; Therefore, the properties of cow and fish bones (mostly cow) are also found in jelly.

Properties of jelly

Foods are not the only ones that provide health to the body. Some snacks and other foods also help this process with their beneficial properties. Jelly is one of these foods. Traditional medicine does not consider jelly as food and only introduces it as a dessert or appetizer. From the point of view of traditional medicine, Qadiri jelly tends to be cold and wet, but in general, they consider it to be relatively mild. Natural gelatin benefits from this moderation.

* Jelly contains protein and is useful for those who are in the stages of growth and bone formation or have joint and bone problems.

* Jelly can regulate the level of useful cholesterol in the blood.

* Collagen and folic acid present in the jelly cause growth and strengthening of skin and hair.

* With vitamins B1 and B2, jelly can help strengthen the immune system.

Traditional medicine warning about jelly

Usually, the kinds of jellies that are prepared in factories, in addition to gelatin, also contain other substances such as color, essential oil, and sugar; Therefore, it is recommended not to consume jelly more than once or twice a week. By following this point, you actually give your kidneys a week to properly remove these waste materials from your body.

Also, people whose stomach is cold and wet should eat less jelly than others; It means that people who are less thirsty, their saliva secretes more and they feel mild coldness on their skin. These people have a weak digestive system and it will be more difficult for them to digest jelly as a slimy substance that causes mucus to stick.

Is ice cream energizing?

Ice cream is not only popular for children because it is almost impossible to find anyone who does not like ice cream. Some people say that ice cream cannot be a useful food because of its high fat and sweetness. On the other hand, another group believes that because the primary ingredient of ice cream is milk, it has no harm to health. Some even go further and consider ice cream as a cure for diseases such as depression and colds.

The fact is that ice cream is a high-calorie snack and is more suitable for children than adults. Ice cream is made from milk, which is one of the most important and useful dairy products.

Properties of ice cream

According to traditional medicine, ice cream is a real cold substance that has a nutritional appeal, but it is recommended not to replace food and only eat it as a snack.

* The milk in ice cream is rich in protein and iron.

* Vitamins of group B, especially vitamin 12B in this food make it a useful snack. Vitamin 12B is not found in plant sources and is only found in milk and ice cream. This rare vitamin plays an important role in the treatment of anemia.

* Ice cream also has magnesium and is useful for people with magnesium deficiency.

Traditional medicine warning about ice cream

Ice cream is one of the popular foods that has a wide variety. There are many types of ice creams in the market.

* Ice cream has a cold nature and it is better to eat it with a substance that corrects this coldness. It is better to eat ice cream with hot chocolate. You can also eat fruits such as bananas, which have a warm nature, with ice cream.

* Ice cream reduces the heat required for digestion, so consume it in small amounts.

* Do not consume ice cream in the cold season because the body directs the heat to the center of the body to maintain its instinctive heat. In this case, if you eat ice cream, you have actually disturbed the normal functioning of your body.

* The more flavored and colored the ice cream is, the less its properties are.

* In the preparation of fruit ice creams, more essential oil and color are usually used.

Do mushrooms cause weight loss?

These days, when the market of slimming diets is hot, any food that helps to lose weight is welcomed. They say that eating mushrooms makes you lose weight, and some people consume them every day in this hope. Some people think that mushrooms have protein and replace them with the main sources of protein.

However, this is not correct and it harms their health because the amount of mushroom protein is very low and cannot provide the protein needed by the body. But mushroom does not contain fat and is considered a part of low-calorie foods, so mushrooms can be used in low-calorie diets.

Mushroom properties

According to traditional medicine, mushroom has a colder nature and it is recommended to eat it together with thyme, cumin and black pepper to neutralize its negative effects. Some properties of mushrooms are:

* Mushrooms are good for growing and strengthening bones.

* Vitamins of group B are abundantly found in mushrooms.

* Useful for eyes and skin.

* Strengthens nerves and muscles.

* It is effective in treating some types of anemia.

* It has various salts, iron, calcium, potassium and magnesium.

* It is a suitable food for people with diabetes.

* Those who suffer from constipation, it is better to eat mushrooms.

Traditional medicine warning about mushrooms

* People who have a weak stomach, such as pregnant and lactating women, should not eat mushrooms.

* People who have a cold stomach should not consume mushrooms.

* Eating mushrooms is harmful for people with kidney disorders.

* People with intestinal colic should not eat mushrooms.

* Patients with gout should not eat mushrooms.

* Before consumption, you should wash the mushroom very well, but you should never put it in water for a long time.

Is tea relaxing?

Opponents of tea use the property of reducing phlegm or preventing it from absorbing nutrients such as iron and say that drinking tea is harmful. Although this statement is true, it should not cause us to close our eyes to the facts and other useful properties of tea. Tea can eliminate daily stress, wash away fatigue, and provide a source of vitality. Maybe humanity has found out from experience that it does not give up tea!

Properties of tea

Tea has a warm and dry nature and reduces phlegm. It means that it prevents the absorption of iron, but still, if it is consumed in moderation, it will have many benefits, some of which are:

* It is diuretic and can cause stone excretion in people who have kidney stones.

* Drinking a glass of tea a day removes fatigue.

* Tea is one of the drinks that most people are used to drinking. In traditional medicine, when someone has a habit of consuming an ancient food, it is said that that food will provide him with nourishment, so tea also plays an effective role in providing health.

Traditional medicine warning about tea

Exaggeration in any matter will cause its own harm. This rule is not an exception in the case of tea; That is, drinking as much as it can make a person benefit from its beneficial properties, and eating too much or not eating it also lowers the quality of health.

* Tea prevents the absorption of iron in the lower part of the intestine, and excessive consumption can cause anemia.

* If tea is drunk hot, it causes stomach and esophagus inflammation.

* Do not drink too much tea. Drinking one or two glasses of tea a day is enough.

* Drink pale tea.

* Observe the appropriate interval between drinking tea and eating food, do not drink tea two hours after eating.

Drinking too much tea is very harmful for people who have anemia or kidney disease.

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