Nutritional warnings for prunes

Dried plums are among the fruits that are used both raw and cooked and have many fans. Its sour and sweet taste makes your mouth water. Often, people with constipation go for prunes first to treat their condition. In this section, we want to examine the side effects of prunes. Join us in the continuation of this section.

Dried plums are a delicious and popular food that with all its benefits should not be overdone because it causes problems for you.

Prunes are rich in the rare element boron, along with calcium Vitamin D It protects the bones and prevents osteoporosis. Consumption of 50 grams of prunes provides 100% of the daily requirement of boron.

In addition to being used as a natural laxative, prunes are also used in many sour and sweet foods.

Despite all its benefits, prunes will be problematic if consumed in excess.

Prunes are an extremely useful fruit and the first choice of people suffering from constipation. Plum juice is also used to treat defecation in infants and young children, and of course it will be effective for adults.

Dried plums, as its name implies, are obtained by drying plums and are considered as one of the most consumed dried fruits.

This dried fruit in addition to being used as a natural laxative in many combinations Sour foods And sweet is also used.

Despite all its benefits, prunes will be problematic if consumed in excess. Here are some of these problems.

Disadvantages of eating too much prunes

Prunes contain high levels of acrylamide, which is a carcinogen and a neurotoxin (neurotoxin). Acrylamide is not naturally present in normal foods. But during cooking, food is produced in temperatures above 100 degrees Celsius.

Prunes are especially used as a natural laxative. However, people who suffer from persistent constipation should not completely trust prunes. Because this may cause laxative dependence

Although prunes do not require such high temperatures to dry and prepare prunes, prunes still contain large amounts of acrylamide.

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization, acrylamide will become a neurotoxin when it is about 500 times our daily food intake, so eating prunes is relatively safe and will not cause acrylamide intoxication, but with However, the problem of carcinogenicity is something that has been on the minds of experts and has been proven in laboratory studies in animals. So eat prunes but enough!


The problem of fructose intolerance is seen in many people. This problem causes painful abdominal cramps and Diarrhea Becomes.

Prunes contain a lot of sugar that can cause such problems. Even people who are not intolerant to fructose may develop diarrhea with excessive consumption of prunes.

You should know that this dried fruit is a natural laxative and contains a compound called sorbitol, so excessive consumption of this fruit can easily lead to overeating.

Get high calories

Prunes are an energetic and wonderful food. Each 100 grams of this dried fruit has about 240 kcal of energy.

This amount of calories for the fruit is a large amount, so for people who are looking to lose weight, excessive consumption of this dried fruit will be a problem. Of course, ordinary people who are always consuming high-calorie foods should not overeat this dried fruit. To be.

Because if this extra calorie intake is not burned during the day, it will turn into fat and lead to obesity.

If you are thinking about your fitness, you should know that consuming low prunes due to its satiety properties can help you lose weight in the context of a low-calorie diet and exercise, but its excessive consumption can do the opposite and a few kilos. Overweight Stay on your hands.

Nutritional warnings for prunes

Flatulence and gas

Prunes contain complex carbohydrates and sugars that are broken down in the digestive tract. So when the sugars reach the colon, the bacteria begin to feed on these undigested carbohydrates.

These bacteria are responsible for causing flatulence and Blowing are. If you love prunes but you have problems eating them, you can take a supplement containing alpha galactosidase before eating. Because this enzyme reduces its gases by breaking down complex carbohydrates before reaching the intestines.

Blood sugar issue

Prunes have a lot of natural sugar and excessive consumption can lead to high blood sugar. However, this dried fruit has less sugar than other sweet fruits such as bananas, watermelons and apples, etc.

Prunes also contain water-soluble fiber. This means that it does not have much effect on blood sugar.

This dried fruit, which has a low glycemic index, can be used with foods with a high glycemic index. Therefore, its low and reasonable consumption does not cause a problem. But you should not overdo it.

The issue of laxative addiction

Dried plums especially as a Laxatives Naturally used. However, people who suffer from persistent constipation should not completely trust prunes.

This is because it can become addictive and cause symptoms of addiction after a period of use.

If you suffer from this problem, it is better to see a doctor. Drink more water during the day and stay away from inactivity. It is good to know that taking some medications also causes Constipation Becomes.

The last word

Finally, prunes are very useful and its side effects will occur only in times of excess.

You can safely eat one to two prunes a day and enjoy its energy and properties well.

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