Obese 40-year-old women should be careful

Gallstones are twice as common in women as in men, and of course those with a family history of over 40 years of age and overweight and obesity are more prone to this problem, so the first thing to do to prevent and improve gallstones Noted, overweight and obesity.

Forty-year-old Iranian women who are also obese usually develop gallstones, the symptoms of which vary from person to person.

Iraj Khosronia, an internal medicine and gastroenterologist, said: “Gallstones are the remnants of gastrointestinal fluids that form inside the gallbladder and are located in the right part of the abdomen and under the liver.”

He added: “Gallstones are available in different sizes and can be as small as a sand or as large as a golf ball.” Occasionally asymptomatic and in some cases with symptoms.

“Most Iranian women in their forties, who are also obese, also have gallstones. Unfortunately, some doctors even operate on stones that do not bother them,” he said. Fever and chills are inflammation and pain and bother the patient are just candidates for surgery.

In the end, Khosronia said: “Some of the stones that are small and their number is one and also do not bother the person, are not worrying at all.”

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