Oblique texture video tutorial

We will teach you oblique texture with 7 experts, so learn this texture step by step with a video tutorial to have a beautiful texture for spring and summer of this year.


Apply a little volume mousse on your damp or dry hair and then style your hair with large curlers or a tube. It’s not important to be sure to separate the exact sizes of the hair as this is just to make your braid last longer. When this is done, comb the curls with your fingers to make them look more natural.

Step two:


On both sides of your head with the tail of a comb, open a flat part so that a lot of hair remains in the middle of the head. To make it easier to work, blow the rest of the hair behind your head so that it does not get in the way of your work.

Step 3:


Spray a little volume on the hair and start from the front of the hair. First, cut an inch of hair from the front of the head into three smaller pieces.

Step 4:


Start weaving the hair and add equal amounts on both sides as you go back. To add, be sure to add strands of hair from below so that your tissue is firmly on your head and does not lie flat on your head.

Step Five:


When you reach the crown of your head and reach the hairline, continue with a simple weave and close it at the bottom with a small elastic band.

Step 6:


Pull the hair a little on both sides to make it more prominent and natural.

Step 7:


You can bring the braided ponytail over your head and double your braid, but if you have a lot of hair and you like to leave the ponytail behind, your braid will still look beautiful.

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