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In the virtual world, a lot has been said about beauty, skin and hair. Different sites deal with this issue. Can this be enough?

We all use the Internet as a source of information, and this is not at all strange in today’s world, but in the same Internet, which is the source of information for many of us, sometimes we find content that is not very accurate and it is not clear which scientific reference was used for it. Is. This becomes even more important when it comes to our health. However, not all recommendations can be followed for health issues; Especially when we do not know who wrote it.

This becomes even more significant when it overshadows our beauty. We have seen many people who have used a product based on an article on the internet that has had a very detrimental effect on their skin or hair and has happened to be durable. So before you act, it is better to think about the terrible beauty tips, some of which are ineffective and some of which are dangerous. In the following, we will introduce you to the worst beauty tips on the internet that you should never go to.

Make a tanner with coffee!

This is probably not very dangerous; Unless you are allergic to coffee. On the other hand, using natural dyes is better than being exposed to harmful ultraviolet rays. But this trick is unlikely to work. Coffee can stain your skin without helping it to tan.

Peanut butter instead of face cream

Aside from the negative aspects of using a razor blade, this trick seems to be nothing more than a waste of peanut butter. If you have run out of shaving cream, use a conditioner. These products create the same slippery state that is created by using shaving gel, in addition to changing the pH of the hair and making it softer, and as a result, shaving facial hair will be easier.

Drain the weld with a needle

Apart from the disadvantages of using a needle on the face, you should know that cracking the pimple using sharp objects and metal objects is not recommended at all. As you peel off the skin of your face, superficial bacteria penetrate the skin and the contents of the pimple go deep into the skin. This causes inflammation that takes longer to heal. In addition, the resulting scar remains for a long time. Therefore, be aware that bursting pimples can leave you with scars and pimples for the rest of your life.

Remove dark spots on the skin with lemon juice

Citrus fruits can not only lighten your hair, they can also remove dark spots on the skin, but on the other hand, this can have significant consequences. Phytophotodermatitis occurs when you apply citrus on your face and then expose it to sunlight. This can cause an allergic reaction and blisters and inflammation on your skin. To prevent this complication, it is recommended to use appropriate health products with compounds such as vitamin C, kojic acid and licorice.

Facial shaving gel using melted sugar

Melted and sticky sugar has a high burning potential. If the prepared gel is too hot, it can cause a third degree burn. In addition, even if you manage to prepare this gel correctly, you should be careful in using it. Because both your hands are tied, you may not be able to hold the skin of your face tight. Failure to do so can cause bruising in various areas of the face.

Pore ​​cleaning tapes with gelatin

The use of gelatin-protein, which is usually derived from animal tissues and used as a food preservative, is not dangerous on the skin, but it does not help to clean the pores of the skin. Gelatin is a powdered form of collagen and when applied to the skin, it hydrates but does not help clear clogged pores. Collagen is a large molecule, so it is not absorbed by the skin and has no long-term effects.

Peeling using sandpaper!

Thinking of rubbing sandpaper on your face is like pulling your nails up and down on a blackboard. Sandpaper will definitely hurt you. This paper is not sterile, so there is a risk of infection. To exfoliate the skin, it is better to use harmless exfoliating scrubs.

Use crayons instead of eyeliner

There are many ways to make eye cosmetics. Colors that are prepared for use around the eyes must be approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). If you use products that have not been tested, you will expose yourself to possible consequences such as inflammation, infection, etc. The use of colors not approved by the Food and Drug Administration around the eyes can even lead to blindness. These side effects are definitely not worth trying.

Use magnesium milk instead of primer

If you agree with the use of lubricant on your face, you can use magnesium milk because this product has lubricating properties. Magnesium milk is obtained by combining magnesium hydroxide with sodium hypochlorite and acts as a laxative by injecting water into the intestine. This mechanism causes the magnesium valve to function similarly to the primer. The ability of this product to hydrate the intestines means that magnesium milk can tighten your skin and provide a good foundation for makeup. Using magnesium milk instead of primer or cream before makeup is the least dangerous thing mentioned in this list, however it has its own negative aspects. This product can dry out your skin and as it has a high pH, ​​it may disrupt the skin’s natural acidity level.

Brown sugar to straighten hair

Straightening hair without the use of heating appliances is an interesting idea. But unfortunately, brown sugar can not do magic. There is no reason why brown sugar can chemically straighten your hair. The disulfide bonds that cause hair to curl are so hard that they do not break easily; On the other hand, breaking these bonds requires a high pH. Sugar acts at best as a conditioner or conditioner, and at worst, it can stick to your hair and attract pests to your hair.

Preparation of night color varnishes using throat stick

In order to be aware of the disadvantages of using throat stick for cosmetic purposes, you should first get acquainted with the contents of this product. If you bend one of these products, hydrogen peroxide is released from inside the capsule, which reacts with a chemical called phenyl oxalate. The compound from this chemical reaction decomposes to release its energy. This energy is absorbed by the pigments in the throat stick and creates a night color.

With the exception of hydrogen peroxide, none of the chemicals used in the preparation of this product comply with the safety requirements of cosmetics. Another concern is that with the use of this product on the nails, there is a risk of accidental digestion of chemicals through hand-to-mouth contact. In addition, there is a risk of allergic skin reactions. So the bottom line is that using a stick is not a good idea.

If you have run out of shaving cream, use a conditioner. These products create the same slippery state that is created by using shaving gel, in addition to changing the pH of the hair and making it softer.

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