Oral agent causing kidney stones

Does dairy products cause stones in our kidneys? What causes kidney stones? What foods play a role in causing them in the kidneys? Researchers believe that concentrating urine is the most important cause of kidney stones!

Dairy products are always recommended by doctors to people. But due to the presence of calcium in dairy products, some people suspect that dairy products cause kidney stones.

Causes of kidney stones

Dr. Reza Karimi, Specialist in Endocrinology and Metabolism “If we think very simply, it seems that because most kidney stones have calcium, eating calcium-rich foods, including dairy products, can contribute to the disease,” he says. But the reality is the opposite Eating dairy products does not cause kidney stones. Our body has a very precise system that regulates calcium and phosphorus in the blood. If we reduce the consumption of calcium, a hormone called parathyroid hormone is released quickly and by taking calcium from the bones, it provides calcium to the blood. In fact, reducing the consumption of dairy products has the most important effect of removing calcium from the bones and making them empty..

In recent years, I have visited many patients who have been mistakenly banned from consuming dairy products under the false pretext of certain blood types and the presence of diabetes. Not eating dairy, especially in middle age, causes irreversible damage to bone structure and greatly increases the risk of osteoporosis. Unfortunately, this is especially true for patients with kidney stones, who are mistakenly barred from eating dairy products.

How are kidney stones formed?

Kidney stones are made up of a variety of materials. Calcium, phosphorus, oxalate, uric acid and… are present in the structure of various kidney stones. Interestingly, uric acid is one of the most important factors in the formation of stones. Excretion of excess uric acid in the urine can be so high that it reaches saturation and causes crystal excretion. Thus, the deposition of these crystals causes kidney stones made of uric acid. Uric acid crystals, as the central nucleus, can cause the deposition of other salts, such as calcium and oxalate, and kidney stones.

Excessive excretion of the mentioned substances is just one of the factors affecting the formation of stones. Concentration of urine may be the most important cause of stones. Drinking less fluids, especially in the evening, drinking less water and other fluids during the hot summer hours, especially if a person has to work in the heat, are the causes of decreased urination and thickening.

One of the factors that prevent the deposition of substances in the kidneys is sports such as running, cycling and especially mountaineering, which by creating turbulence in the urine, prevents stagnation and the formation of deposits and the formation of stone crystals.. Another predisposing factor for urinary stones is eating salt. Increased excretion of sodium in the urine predisposes to stone formation.

In general, what we should emphasize is that, contrary to popular belief, dairy products should not be reduced to prevent kidney stones, and instead we should avoid eating salt and fat, and prevent the formation of stones by drinking fluids and exercising regularly.

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