Outbreak of influenza in England

Influenza is a viral disease that may be transmitted by an animal. In England, due to the spread of bird flu, the death rate due to this disease has increased.According to IRNA, The Times newspaper wrote in a report on Friday: The number of people visiting the family doctor increased by 42% and the number of people visiting the hospital increased by 11% in the last week. Also, 17 people have died due to influenza in the same period of time, which has brought the total number of people killed due to this virus to 120 people.
Public Health England has described this year’s winter as the worst in terms of flu virus outbreaks in the past 8 years since the 2008 bird flu outbreak.
This organization advised patients not to go to medical centers to prevent the spread of this disease and to stay at home considering that rest is the best way to treat this disease.
According to this English organization, the region of Wales reported the highest number of visitors to health centers due to this disease, followed by Scotland and Northern Ireland in the second and third ranks of the list of influenza virus outbreaks.
At the same time, local sources report the crowding of patients in the emergency department of the hospital. Janet Davies, chief executive of the Royal College of Nursing, said: “The lack of beds in hospitals shows that the disease has not yet gone away. This is despite the fact that the capacity of the hospitals is full and patients sometimes wait in the corridors of the hospital or on the floor.
This news is published while the latest performance report of the National Health Organization of England shows that at least 100,000 patients waited for hours in the ambulance to be transferred to the emergency department of the hospital this winter.
This report adds that during the last Christmas rush, 20 people died due to a very long wait in the ambulance and the lack of medical services provided by the hospital doctors.
It was previously reported that the National Health Organization of England had asked medical students for help to reduce congestion and increase the speed of treatment of patients.


February 5, 2016 11:58

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