Overcoming unhealthy food intake the right way

We all crave certain foods sometimes, experts say there’s a scientific reason for this. In this article, we mention some foods that you crave the most and the right ways to overcome them.

Chocolate: Craving chocolate means your body is low on magnesium and needs it. Experts suggest that you consume foods rich in magnesium, such as nuts and dates, to get magnesium in the right way. If you want to eat chocolate, choose dark chocolate.

Bread: Have you ever craved bread? Experts say that when you eat carbohydrates, the brain produces serotonin, also known as the happy hormone. Instead of bread, consume carbohydrates with low GI (low glycemic index) to give you energy and make you feel full for a longer time. Include lentils, oats, sweet potatoes and beans in your diet.

Sugar: If you crave sugar, then your body needs chromium. Foods such as whole grains and apples have a good chromium content. You can mix dry fruits with honey and eat. This porridge fills you up and makes you feel hungry.

Red Meat: Research shows that when you crave red meat, your body needs iron. Experts suggest that you consume fish, legumes and nuts and go for lean meats.

Salty foods: If you crave salty processed foods like chips or popcorn, then you are suffering from a lot of stress. Instead of consuming these foods, try meditation and yoga.

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June 8, 1394 17:01

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