Overweight with sugar consumption

If you want to lose weight and get fit sooner, we recommend that you limit your sugar consumption because these two substances have a significant effect on causing excess weight in your body.

As the weather gets warmer and clothes become lighter, most people are certainly looking to lose weight. But what should be done to get the result? There is a simple way to change your body and get rid of bloating. It’s all about the food we eat, but more importantly, overeating. If you consume too much salt and sugar, your core may become covered with layers of water and fat, this is if you have built really strong abs and flanks with the help of exercise.
In this way, you can eliminate unnecessary swelling in the stomach area: reduce your sodium (salt) intake to daily 1.500 Reduce the milligrams, as well as the sugar you consume 20 warm up Reducing the consumption of these two substances, both of which cause the abdomen to enlarge, allows the body to naturally reduce body water weight, and the abdominal and side muscles and the work you have done on them are defined. As soon as you make such a change in your diet, you will see the results quickly. (Many people think that salt causes excess weight, this kind of thinking is somewhat correct, but this excess weight is not fat, but water, and this problem can be solved quickly by consuming salt properly.)
To limit salt and sugar in your diet, avoid processed foods and eat whole foods instead, such as fresh produce and whole grains. And every time you buy food at the grocery store, be sure to look at the product’s nutrition information label. If you notice a lot of salt and sugar, this is a danger sign and you should leave the product and look for a better alternative.

Kari from the translation group to organ (Dr. Kermani)

April 20, 1395 12:19

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