Parents of morning shift children should read

Breakfast is considered a main and important meal for students. . For children’s snacks, it is recommended to use fruits, nuts, bread and cheese.

A nutritionist and faculty member of Zahedan University of Medical Sciences said: Using breakfast while preventing the rapid drop in blood sugar of the student in the classroom increases his concentration and learning.

Dr. Mansour Shahraki of Sistan-Baluchistan region added: Unfortunately, a large number of students do not eat breakfast, which has various reasons, such as eating late or using heavy food at dinner, sleeping late, and not having breakfast in the family.

He said: It is better to have breakfast as a family lifestyle, in the form of a rule so that all family members attend the table.

He added: A child who observes that his parents and family members eat breakfast every morning will follow an example and will have the desire to eat this meal.

He continued: It is recommended to use healthy foods such as eggs, milk and honey for normal children, and for children who are losing weight, milk, honey and cream should be used for breakfast.

This faculty member of the university stated: The snack that is considered for the student should be homemade food such as cutlets, cocoa, bread and cheese and vegetables, bread and cheese and walnuts, and in general, foods that are prepared safely by the nobles.

He emphasized: Families should not put sausages and foods that are weak in terms of health and nutritional value such as chips and puffs as snacks in their children’s bags.

Shahraki said: In general, students should benefit from foods with high nutritional value such as meats, legumes, eggs and nuts, fruits and vegetables, milk and dairy products, and bread and grains in their meals.

He added: In each group, each food item can be replaced by another, for example, you can use beans instead of meat and get the same nutritional value.

In the end, he stated: We hope that families will include an optimal model in their food plan by observing these issues.

October 10, 2013 15:11

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