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How much do you know about Asperger syndrome? How much does this disease affect our health and what problems does it cause in people with it? What are the treatments for it? We want to know more about this disease.

People with Asperger’s may be weak in nonverbal behaviors such as looking directly into the eyes of others, using facial expressions and social actions. Aspergers do not have difficulty with verbal skills, but they do have difficulty understanding indirect speech, that is, jokes, metaphors, body language, and facial expressions. He also has problems in social communication and has difficulty understanding some customs.

Fortunately, the word autism has been widely used in various media in the country for some time, and it can be said that other people have become more or less familiar with this disease, which is a kind of developmental disorder. The more research is done in this field, the more we realize that autism covers a wide range, has different types, and is severe and weak in patients. One of the types of this disorder that is less discussed and can almost be said is a word unfamiliar to the public, <آسپرگر> Is called.
For those readers who are not familiar with autism, it should be said that autism is a developmental disorder that begins in childhood and remains with the affected person until all stages of development, although its symptoms can be weakened and strengthened. These developmental disorders have a neurobiological cause and are related to a person’s genetic and neurological structure.

Reza Javani is a 23-year-old man with Asperger’s. The best way to fully understand this patient’s language disorder is:
I have Asperger’s. I am 23 years old and have just finished my undergraduate studies in philosophy. Two years ago, a doctor diagnosed me with Asperger’s. I always felt that I was different from the others but I did not know why ?! I lived in England for a while, and when I went to school there, my assistant came home from work and worked with me because of a learning disability, and I was guessed to be mentally retarded. But that helper took a test and told my family that I happened to be very intelligent. There I studied a degree in two years instead of one. Although I could walk, walking put a lot of pressure on me until I was 7 years old. That’s why my parents took me to school in a wheelchair, which is why I was nicknamed the Big Boy. In those days, my sensory problems caused me to step up several times in the dining room of our school in the UK because my brain could not filter different olfactory data and I inhaled several different odors together and more intensely than others, which caused nausea. I get. Now that I have grown up, I have inadvertently yelled loudly several times in the dining hall of the University of Tehran.

When I returned to Iran and went to school again, I no longer had problems with my studies, but I found other problems that no one took seriously. I was never able to participate in team sports, and the sports teachers, instead of teaching me how to react in time and pass and shoot during football, gave the ball so that the children could play and go on their own. In my first year of middle school, my mother talked to our basic counselor and complained that the kids would not let me play sports, and that if anyone showed up, I would just play chess with her in the corner. Because of my mother’s complaint, the counselor told the children that you should let Reza in the game. They let me go once but did not let me go again.

My family had bought me a wall clock from England that had no moving hands at all, but when they first put an audible wall clock in my room, I could no longer sleep in my room because the sound of the clock bothered me, so I left the clock. I left my room.
Ordinary people are somehow mastering a kind of learning called social learning in which we are very weak. A type of learning that is achieved through community living and social interactions, not through reading books or direct verbal explanations; This has made it difficult for me to understand the customs and why many of them. >

“Asperger’s can be said to be the mildest form of autism,” says Mahsa Moghadam, a senior speech therapist. Aspergers do not have difficulty with verbal skills, but they do have difficulty understanding indirect speech, that is, jokes, metaphors, body language, and facial expressions. He also has problems in social communication and has difficulty understanding some customs.
According to this speech therapy, people with Asperger’s have limited interests and often obsessively pursue a knowledge, technique, art, or dealing with an object. Many lights and sounds bother them because they often have sensory impairments. Another issue with Asperger’s is impaired sensory integrity. What the common people call “clumsiness.” This can be seen when we see that the asparagus person does not have coordination of physical movements in sports and rhythmic movements or has difficulty driving vehicles such as cars and bicycles. Also, delicate tasks such as peeling fruit and getting nails become difficult for him.

Introduce people to Asperger’s
As mentioned, although Asperger’s is a subset of autism, it is too late to detect due to high intelligence, normal growth, and acceptable speech in these individuals.
According to Moghaddam, in some books, more than 50 percent of those diagnosed with Asperger’s are over 30 years old. The important point is that if we do not pay proper attention to these people, they may face diagnoses such as schizophrenia, personality disorders, obsessive disorders, etc. and society will give them titles such as strange, isolated and socially incompatible if the diagnosis is appropriate and Informing the community can help these people have a better life. Keep in mind that these people need a proper understanding of society. Our job is to create a safe place for them to live without being ridiculed, to ask questions, and to get what they can not get out of the environment with our help, what is bothering these people is the ignorance of a large section of society. If this disorder is properly introduced to the community, at least these people can ask questions that are not understandable in their minds without being labeled as unbound and unburdened.

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