Patients with thyroid problems

When you suffer from hypothyroidism, what kind of diet should you consider? The most important foods that you should not eat are sugary foods. In this mode, we will explain in the following.

An Islamic medicine doctor said: “Patients suffering from hypothyroidism should drink enough water and avoid drinking a lot of caffeinated and sugary drinks.”

“Hypothyroidism, which affects many people, is a gland that secretes thyroxine and, in a normal way, is responsible for all of the body’s metabolism,” said Dr. Hamad al-Din Masmoui, according to Salamat News.

He continued: “The presence of this vital gland is essential for the body, and if that person is underworked or overworked, he will face various problems.”

The doctor of Islamic medicine stated: High weight, pale lips, shortness of breath, palpitations, hair loss and dry skin, etc. are the symptoms of hypothyroidism, which if not treated in time, can cause major disorders in the patient.

“Patients suffering from hypothyroidism should follow a proper diet in their daily diet, especially in this disease, they are overweight,” he added.

“People should eat foods that are rich in vitamins B, A and E, and include fruits such as strawberries, pineapples, bananas and apples in their diet,” he said, referring to good food sources for hypothyroidism. Give.

“Patients with hypothyroidism should avoid simple sugars such as sugar and sweets,” said the Islamic medicine doctor. Know that their diet is very important in curing this disease.

“Patients suffering from hypothyroidism should drink plenty of water and avoid caffeinated and sugary drinks,” Masmoui concluded.

Health News: Consumption of sugary drinks is prohibited for people with hypothyroidism

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