Penile fracture and its connection with sleep erection

One of the questions and concerns of men, especially young people, is about sleep erections and its dangers. This is abnormal for some people. Contrary to many people’s beliefs, sleep erections are not only normal, but also a sign of an erectile health and sexual ability. People who go to the doctor because of impotence The first question the doctor asks them is, do you have an erection in your sleep?

This process was first described in infants in 1940 and discussed in detail in later years.

80% of cases of nocturnal erections occur during the REM stage of sleep (rapid eye movements). In the second decade of life, the average rate is about 38 minutes, and in adulthood it decreases to 27 minutes.
In those who complain of impotence, the examination of this process is done in different ways in which the number of times the penis is tightened and the duration and severity of stiffness in each time are measured.
The number of times the instrument is rigid is usually 3 to 6 times in 8 hours and their average time is about 10 to 15 minutes, and each time the intensity of the instrument should be more than 70%.

A full erection is a sign that the neurovascular axis is healthy and therefore the cause of impotence can be neurological or psychological.
Interestingly, the erection during sleep is associated with a broken penis, because in many adolescents or young people who have their penis raised in the morning when they wake up due to shame and embarrassment from parents and others until If this condition does not go away, they will not get out of bed and some of them will try to bend it by hand, which can cause the penis to break. Weight occurs on that penile fracture.
It should be noted that the treatment of penile fracture surgery is at the earliest opportunity because it can cause impotence or penile curvature in the future

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