Penile fractures and treatments for it

What is a penile fracture called? Do you know the structure, structure and components of the penis? What is the relationship between penile fracture and penile fracture?

If, during a full erection and the stiffness of the penis, too much pressure is applied to bend these bloody cylinders, like a high-pressure balloon that is ruptured by pressure, the tissue of the penile cylinders is torn from the site of the curvature and there is heavy bleeding under the skin. It looks like a broken penis.

Male penile fractures, causes, treatment and complications

A fracture is not a good word for what happens to a man’s penis, so called a fracture of the penis, because there is no bone in the penis to break. Penile fractures may not be justified at first glance, but one of the urological emergencies is penile fractures. To understand and explain this issue, it is first necessary to explain the structure and function of the penis in normal and erect to determine the concept and mechanism of penile fracture.

The structure of the penis

The penis is a boneless, cartilaginous organ whose body (erectile tissue) consists of three cylinders about 20 cm long and about 2.5 cm in diameter, with two main erectile tissues on either side and a third containing the urethra, below. These 2 cylinders are located. These cylinders are placed next to each other and are connected to the pelvic bones on the inside and the outside is covered by the skin, which forms the appearance of the genitals.

Inside the erectile cylinders is a spongy tissue that creates a lot of space for blood to enter during an erection, and its wall is made of very strong and thick tissue. The cylinders are held together by another strong circular tissue to form a single cylindrical shape, covered with soft, slippery subcutaneous tissue and skin that allow it to move and slide between the skin and the erectile tissue, to Without stretching and pressure on the skin, the size of the penis will be multiplied in the state of erection.

The body of the penis shrinks and lies down when the penis is not stimulated, and is quite soft and flexible, but when stimulated and fully erect, it becomes several times larger, raised, and rigid. It can and can break so-called.

Mechanism of erection and penile fracture

According to the described structure of the penis and considering the above image, we will explain the mechanism of erection and penile fracture. The mechanism of erection is as follows When sexual arousal or activation of the erectile mechanism for any reason, the blood flow into the spongy tissue of these cylinders increases rapidly and intensely. So that the incoming blood does not have a chance to get out through the veins. The cylinders increase in volume significantly and become as bulky and rigid as a fully inflated tubular balloon. It should be noted that, in addition to the above mechanism that It tightens the body of the penis, which allows pressure to be applied to the penis to enter the female genitalia.At the same time, another mechanism, separately but in harmony with it, begins to direct blood to the spongy tissue of the head of the penis (scrotum), which causes the head of the penis to swell and tighten. It stimulates both sides to achieve vaginal orgasm and create a sense of sexual pleasure for both men and women (of course, the stiffness of the body of the penis will be very hard and bony due to the annular and muscular tissue around the body, but the stiffness of the head of the penis is spongy with elasticity). Which makes its contact with the vaginal body soft and elastic).

The stiffness of the cylinder walls closes 90% of the blood out of the cylinders, leaving the penis tissue full of blood. This pressure is above the average blood pressure of the person, ie about 120 mm Hg, and due to the fact that the blood is surrounded by two strong tissues of the cylinder wall and their covering tissue, it leads to hard consistency similar to ossification of penile tissue in erectile dysfunction. Turns.

If in a state of full erection and rigidity of the penis, a lot of pressure is applied to bend these bloody cylinders, Like a balloon that bursts under pressure, The tissue of the penile cylinders also ruptures from the site of curvature and causes severe bleeding under the skin. Which causes severe pain and severe swelling of the penis, which, Bleeding under the skin may continue even to the chest and under the neck. In fact, during courtship, with an inappropriate move, The man suddenly hears a sound like a broken bone, feels severe pain, and sees that his testicles are swollen.. A look at the painful limb shows that it looks like a broken penis.

After an acute period of penile fracture, if the person does not seek treatment and If the damaged tissue is not repaired, in the next erection, the blood will not be trapped inside the cylinders and, like a balloon in a hole, blood will come out of the same place of injury and intensify subcutaneous bleeding and inability to get an erection. Which can also cause impotence. If the tissue heals spontaneously over time, the rupture site will heal unevenly. Inability to get an erection in the future or if the lesion is not severe, this tissue unevenness leads to penile curvature when having an erection in the future..

Common causes of penile fractures

By understanding the mechanism of erection and penile fracture, it is clear that this incident occurs when the penis is fully erect and pressure is applied to the penis by bending. The most common condition that leads to penile fracture is when a woman acts as an active person during intercourse., When the man is lying on his back and the woman is sitting on the penis approaching. In this case, if during intercourse, the woman suddenly begins to lie on the man or move backwards, so that the pubic bone of the woman presses on the trunk of the penis, it will lead to a fracture of the penis. There are other cases in urology clinics and emergencies.

In such an accident, you should go to the emergency room immediately, Before reaching the emergency room, the penis should be covered with a cloth full of ice. So that the hematoma does not get worse. Membrane rupture is diagnosed by hearing the course of the accident and a clinical examination of the patient’s limb.

Treatment of penile fractures

Repair is surgical and emergency, which is The sooner the repair is done, the less chance of complications. Hematoma drainage and ruptured membrane repair should be performed. An evacuated hematoma can become fibrous, give the penis an abnormal shape and shape, stimulate normal erectile function, severely impair, and ultimately lead to impotence.

Timely treatment and several weeks of sexual rest are necessary to prevent such lesions. In lovemaking (like many other areas of life) with a little caution and only a little, one can have a lot of fun and neither destroy oneself nor a part of oneself.

Complications of not repairing or delaying repair

Impotence, curvature and curvature of the penis during erection, deformity of the penis In the form of an hourglass (thinning of a small part of the torso of the penis) which during intercourse will cause the penis to tilt frequently from the same narrow and weak part.

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