Phlegmatic moods and their sexual desire

Some temperaments cause a decrease in sexual desire in different people, and this is the case in phlegmatic temperament, and sexual desire is less visible in it than in other temperaments. How can this problem be solved in them, what is the advice of traditional medicine in this field?

A specialist assistant in traditional Iranian medicine said: Phlegmatic people have less sexual desire.

Hamidullah Afrasiabian said about the actions of the reproductive system: basically, the warmth of the temperament is associated with an increase in the strength and function of the reproductive system.

According to him, however, humidity has a completely different role, humidity in a hot mood creates the role of “continuing sexual desire”.
This expert assistant of traditional Iranian medicine stated: in bilious people, sexual power is high, but the desire is not due to the presence of constant dryness; It means it fluctuates.

Afrasiabian added: Sometimes these people have a desire and in some situations, despite the necessary sexual power, they do not want to establish a relationship.

Demo people have high sexual power
He said: Demo people have good sexual power and constant desire. This group is one of the people who do not feel weak despite frequent sexual intercourse (the higher the sexual power, the greater the fertility).

This expert assistant of traditional Iranian medicine continued: while in other temperaments, due to the aggravation of dryness or increase of coldness, the possibility of adverse effects is high; Especially excessive sexual intercourse “in the dark” can be very damaging.

In phlegmatic people, sexual desire is less
Afrasiabian added: In phlegmatic people, sexual desire is less, and due to the humidity of the temperament, there is almost a constant lack of desire.

He reminded: In dark people, sexual desire is low (to the extent lower than average). In black women, it is possible that it sometimes turns into sexual aversion. Because in women, sexual desire is very closely related to “spiritual-psychological states” and issues that preoccupy the mind, and in men, affairs and life issues are located in separate rooms during sexual intercourse, but in women, there is no wall between the rooms and at the same time All the subjects of life are understood; Therefore, life issues are very influential and affect the sense of smell and sexuality.


October 14, 2015 17:00

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