Piercing and its consequences

How much do you know about piercing and what information do you have about its side effects? How can this beauty method affect our health and cause problems in it? will be

Fans of nose piercings should be careful about this part of their body because the nose is a sensitive part and if pierced by unqualified people, it can even damage their sense of smell.

Dr. Amir Hoshang Ehsani, a skin and hair specialist and a member of the academic staff of Tehran University of Medical Sciences, said: “The least complication that piercing may cause is sensitivity.” As some people complain about this problem even after ear piercing, although ear soft piercing is one of the least complicated piercings.

This skin and hair expert continued: “Given that some people’s bodies react to crystals, especially chrome and nickel, these people should only use gold because the probability of being allergic to gold in the world is very low.” In addition, sometimes the sensitivity does not occur in the place where the decorative object is installed, and the effects of the sensitivity may show themselves in other parts of the body and sometimes even remain with the person for the rest of their life. Therefore, if a person is allergic to rhinestones, even for a night and a party, Don’t use these things, and although piercing is not recommended, if a person is very interested in piercing, he should definitely use gold.”

Pointing out that soft ear piercings are relatively less complicated than other types of piercings, he said: “Those who do nose piercings, ear cartilage piercings, etc., take more risks.” In general, it is necessary to know the anatomy of the body to perform piercing, and one should not forget that not everyone is qualified to do this work.

This skin and hair specialist warned: “Nose piercing fans should be careful about this part of the body because the nose is a sensitive organ and if it is done by unqualified people, it can even damage the person’s sense of smell.”

At the end, Ehsani warned that it is sometimes seen that the nose is pierced by using a special device for the ear, and said: “This is not correct at all, because the lever of the device that pierces the eardrum is very strong, and using it for Nose piercing may cause damage to the nasal bones.

November 7, 1394 14:09

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