Pleurisy – Definition, Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

The essence of pleurisy is inflammation of the pleura, also called pleurisy. Pleurisy can be due to direct stimulation or infection in the pleural space or inflammation of the lungs or autoimmune disorders. The hallmark of pleurisy is severe pain on inhaling and exhaling that subsides with holding your breath. The pain may occur on only one side of the chest or both sides, and you may feel it coming from behind or under the shoulder blade, depending on the location of the inflammation. Some people also have a persistent dry cough

Water collects in the area between the chest and it is said that his lungs are dehydrated. In this disease, deep breathing is accompanied by pain and pressure, and after a few days, he develops a high fever. The illness usually lasts from one to three months, when the patient is advised to stay in bed. In fact, the cause of this disease is due to excessive consumption of fluids, especially cold drinks and foods that are very juicy. The disease can be treated within a week using a macrobiotic diet. As we said in the disease, in this disease, more should be consumed than dry foods and drinks should be reduced. He used a warm ginger mask on his lungs to speed up the release of excess water in his lungs.

Clinical signs: Pain in the lower side often appears very severe or fatal. The patient has difficulty breathing, the severity of which depends on the amount of fluid leaking into the pleura and the condition of the lower lungs. Persistent, dry, and severe coughs caused by movement and changes in body position, as well as sometimes fever and general malaise, are other symptoms of this disease.

Respiratory specialist

Treatment: ‌ To treat pneumonia, the patient must be hospitalized, the fluid removed from the “pleura” and the cause of the disease must be treated.

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