Points to follow in eye makeup

There are some tips in makeup that will make your makeup more beautiful and stylish. In this section of Dr. Salam’s website, which has been published under the title of tips that must be observed in eye makeup, we introduce you to these tips.

1- A little masking cream Concealer Apply around the eyes with fingertips to cover dark circles or dark skin around the eyes. The color of the cream should be a little lighter than your skin.

2- With a brush, apply a pale eye shadow to the back of the eye (from the place where the eyelashes grow to under the eyebrows).

3- Use a medium shade to cover the crease on the brow bone. Start from the outer corner of the crease and apply the shadow with a sweeping motion (like a car wiper motion) towards the inner corner of the crease (myopia).
Repeat this until the color is completely mixed with the skin. If you like, you can mix two different colors together to create your desired color.

4- With a pointed eye pencil, line the upper eyelid (near the eyelashes) (again, from the outside towards the nose). Then, with a lip brush, make the line slightly matte.

5- Now draw only the outer corner of the lower eyelid (up to a third of the eyelid). Use the same color as the upper eyelid and again blur the edge of the line with a lip brush.

6- Again, using an eye shadow brush, draw another layer of the same light shade as the previous one on the upper eyelid from the eyelash to the bone under the eyebrow until all the colors are matched together.

7- Use a piece of cotton to wipe off the excess colors around the eyes and rub the cotton gently (like dusting) under the eyes to collect the excess colors that may have spilled from above.

8- If your eyelashes are straight or downward, use an eyelash curler before applying mascara. But if you have upward eyelashes, just rub the mascara brush up and down to curl it a little. This separates the eyelashes so that the mascara is applied evenly.

9- For the lower eyelashes, after removing the brush from the case, wipe the excess mascara from the mascara brush with a tissue, then apply mascara to the lower eyelashes with the tip of the brush.

10 – If your eyebrows are sparse or hollow, fill in the gaps between the eyebrows with a pencil of the same color as your own. Be careful not to draw an extra line below or above the eyebrow. Finally, brush the eyebrows with an eyebrow brush.

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