Pomegranate and a special world for the elderly

To what extent is the consumption of pomegranate useful for the elderly? What benefits do they get from eating this fruit? It goes without saying that the fruit, leaves and roots of pomegranate are very useful and full of properties, strengthening the kidneys, anorexia, stroke and cancer, among other properties of pomegranate. are considered

A nutritionist pointed out that pomegranate is the best kidney strengthening medicine for the elderly and said: consuming pomegranate is effective in preventing cardiovascular diseases, stroke and cancer.

Regarding the healing properties of pomegranate and the effect of its consumption on human health, Morteza Safavi said: Pomegranate is one of the fruits that has a long history and is mentioned in old and traditional books. Also, in the Holy Quran, pomegranate is mentioned as a heavenly fruit and it can be said that pomegranate has many healing properties and its consumption is effective in maintaining the health of the body.

He added: In the past, in addition to Iran, this fruit was cultivated in India, Greece, China, Afghanistan, Tunisia, France, Cyprus, and Italy, and now America, Spain, and Kazakhstan have a high level of pomegranate production. In Iran, 60 thousand hectares of land are under pomegranate cultivation and 700 thousand tons of pomegranates are produced in the country every year.
This nutritionist pointed out that all parts of the pomegranate, including the flower and its root, have healing properties and stated: Pomegranate fruit is rich in vitamins B1 and B2, so it is relaxing, and this heavenly fruit also contains vitamin C and minerals such as iron. magnesium, potassium, phosphorus and sodium.
Safavi stated: Based on the research, it has been found that pomegranate consumption is effective in preventing cardiovascular diseases, stroke and cancer. Half of the daily deaths in the country are due to diseases related to 4 cardiovascular diseases, stroke and cancer, so these diseases can be prevented by consuming pomegranate.

He continued: Pomegranate has anti-tumor properties due to its antioxidant and polyphenol and phenolic content, and its antioxidant is due to the presence of hydrolyzable tannins. These antioxidants are also present in the skin and white parts inside the pomegranate.

Regarding the properties of pomegranate juice, this nutritionist said: In traditional books, it is stated that those who have inflammation in the body or suffer from arthritis and cartilage disorders, consumption of pomegranate juice is effective for their treatment, therefore, pomegranate juice is anti-inflammatory and plays an important role in preventing It destroys cartilage, while joint pain is relieved by consuming this fruit.

Safavi added: Pomegranate seeds are suitable for digestion because they contain fiber and reduce the transit time of waste materials in the body. This means that the time of stopping of waste materials in the body is reduced and this problem prevents cancer such as colon cancer.

He stated that pomegranate is very fun because of vitamin B, and added: Also, consumption of this fruit reduces body fat and removes toxins from the body. The white shells inside the pomegranate also tan the stomach and clean the stomach, so its consumption is highly recommended.

This nutritionist continued: Pomegranate paste is effective in reducing appetite and body weakness, it also purifies the blood and is recommended for migraine treatment.
Safavi stated: 100 grams of pomegranate seeds contain 38 kilocalories of energy, 82 grams of water, 0.4 protein, 0.3 fat, 10 grams of starch, 4 grams of calcium and 3 milligrams of sodium, half a milligram of iron, 0.03 milligrams of B2 and 0.02 milligrams of B1, as well as 260 There are milligrams of potassium.

He said: The bark and root of the pomegranate tree are effective for treating diarrhea, so all parts of the pomegranate have different therapeutic properties, and the peel, root, flower and seeds of the pomegranate are used in the pharmaceutical industry.

Pointing out that sweet pomegranate is a diuretic and laxative, this nutritionist said: Sweet pomegranate juice is effective for patients who have problems with urinary tracts, as well as mixing pomegranate juice with honey and dripping a few drops inside the nose prevents the growth of polyps in this body organ. prevents.

Safavi emphasized: Pomegranate is the best kidney strengthening medicine for the elderly and it is recommended to use pomegranate juice to open the voice of singers. Boiling the skin of the pomegranate root also eliminates intestinal and stomach parasites. Also, women who have irregular menstruation should boil pomegranate leaves and consume them. It works for them.
He stated: “For the treatment of burns, the mixture of pomegranate flower skin with sesame oil is effective as a topical ointment, and the decoction of pomegranate flower also removes mouth sores, and when we inhale the pomegranate root, we can benefit from it for toothache.”

In the end, this nutritionist pointed out: The Food and Drug Administration and Agriculture of the United States recently announced that consuming pomegranate prevents prostate cancer.

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