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We would like to introduce you to the types of autumn moisturizing creams, these creams are special for the autumn season and can prevent dryness and roughness of the skin due to the cold. In this article, we will introduce you the different brands of these creams along with the properties of each one. we will

Autumn and winter are seasons in which you should pay more attention to your skin health. Usually, dry skin starts to peel or crack in these seasons, and all these factors cause premature aging of your skin. As much as the skin of the face plays a role in beauty, the skin of your hands is also effective in beauty, and hands play an important role in beauty. Also, keeping your hands moist during this season prevents possible problems such as eczema.


Glycerin is the best source of moisture


Herbasin cream is a very suitable choice for daily use due to its high absorption. By using this cream, you can protect your skin from dryness caused by the season.


Suitable for hands and body


Dow products in Iran are well-known products that have their own fans. This cream gives your skin a silky and soft appearance, and since it is suitable for hands and body, it gives your skin a unique softness.


All-rounders enter


Kamil cream is available in different types for hands and nails, anti-wrinkle hands and skin repair and you can get one of them according to the type of problem or your use. This cream has high absorption and does not leave a trace of fat on your skin.

Nivea soft

A popular moisturizer


Niva Soft is a 3-purpose cream that is suitable for hands, body and face. This cream renews the softness of the skin and moisturizes the skin. Niva cream contains jojoba oil and vitamin E and is very effective.


Treatment of dry skin


QV products are usually skin treatment products. If you have used any product and did not get a good result, you can also try QV products. The products of this Australian brand are fragrance-free and treat all types of dry skin. Kiwi cream is available in 3 sizes: 50, 100 and 250 grams.


An economical choice


This product is suitable for dehydrated skin because it restores the skin’s lost moisture. After using Aveeno, your skin becomes soft, and its use also increases the elasticity of the skin. The naturalness of this cream is another noteworthy point of this product.

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