Pornography and its harmful effects

Magnification, fake voices, deceptive silences, rough bodies, numb hands, aimless feet, repetitive minutes, messed up moments, confused heads, deadly breaths and drained shames! These are just a small part of the dirty porn industry that is wasting the golden time of tens and maybe hundreds of millions of people around the world these days.

Pornography and pornography are known as a new and almost pervasive social problem in today’s world, to the extent that many countries have enacted restrictive laws with punishment to deal with these harms; Because they have understood its irreparable consequences. Suffering from personality, physical and sexual diseases as well as child abuse and rape are just a few of the hidden and obvious aspects of this polluted industry.

Although the tendency to view products related to pornography and pornography has different effects on men and women, the result of this tendency is the same for both sexes; It means “arriving at nothingness”!

Exaggeration and exaggeration in pornography
In pornographic images, texts and videos, there is no such thing as reality, and the users of these products cannot have a true and real understanding of time; Because every “one minute” in porn movies has become at least “two minutes”; In all the scenes, a deceptive principle called “magnification” is followed; Therefore, the images, objects and human heads and hands in reality are smaller than what you see in porn movies!

This exaggeration and exaggeration in porn movies and images makes viewers have unrealistic expectations from their spouses and compare their world with the world of actors in these movies. Such a comparison ultimately leads to “self-conceit” and feelings of weakness and inferiority. Meanwhile, if someone listens to the words of one of the actors of such films, he will understand the truth behind the curtain.

Late confession of an actor of pornographic movies
“Ta…ga…” is one of the actors of pornographic movies who after years of deceiving young people and making big for them is now lonely and isolated, he has lost his human and sublime aspirations and he remembers them with regret: Maybe for some fans of the porn industry in the world, the life of the actors of these films is a dream… but it is not normal to say goodbye to someone you love to go to work and be with someone you don’t like.

It is interesting that this Harz movie actor describes the characteristics of his favorite and dream wife as follows: “Sacrificing, kind and someone who wants to have children.”
He finally admits: “Honestly, I can’t find anyone like that in the porn industry!”
A review of such biographies and confessions leads us to the conclusion that the end of the path of pornography and pornography is nothing but destruction and isolation. When the actor of these films reaches the end of the line like this, what fate awaits the observers and the deceived?

Play with real guns

People who sit down to watch pornographic videos and images even once or twice cannot cope with the real world. They constantly live in their imaginations and take actions that destroy their soul and body; These people are like children who do not know the difference between a real gun and a water gun, and in the real world they expect water from dangerous guns; So they take risks! The result of playing with risk is nothing but mental problems and severe diseases.

“Kam…b…” one of the actors of Harz films, who is 32 years old today, shed tears in front of reporters three years ago at the age of 29 and revealed his HIV infection: “I learned in this business that If you don’t do what they ask you to do, there’s always someone younger and more attractive than you to do it!”

The end of the road for producers, actors and viewers of porn movies is almost the same and clear; Because in the end, they give a gift to people that is decorated with “red ribbon”.

Addiction to pornography
Addiction to pornography, in addition to causing diseases and mental problems, disturbs and disrupts healthy family relationships and intimate relationships between spouses. Spouses who one or both of them are caught up in porn and junk movies soon get separated from each other and even if they are not separated from each other in appearance, their fake and mental worlds are very far from each other.

Because of the many studies and reviews they have had about male and female sexes, the producers of porn movies know very well how to make each of these two sexes fall into sex addiction. Men who have a high or even low tendency to view pornographic images and videos imagine their wife as a product that must be “turned upside down” when buying or using it so that there is no problem or defect. These men are faced with an onslaught of “massive expectations” and their dreams have taken a special form that has no sign in the real world.

Research and observation of brain MRI images of men who tend to watch porn shows that the part related to motivation and reward is smaller than other men. Therefore, viewing pornographic products leads to laziness in the reward system of the brain. People who suffer from this problem need more motivation to reach the pleasure point and cannot respond naturally to stimuli. The continuation of this process will cause serious harm to this person’s wife.

Like wax in the hands of the director
On the other hand, women who are customers of pornographic films in different countries, are looking for that thing in the real world that is usually not found, or that finding it must be accompanied by physical consequences for her husband! These women not only look at the male sex as a commodity, but also offer themselves to the customer like a commodity. In the world of these people, humans are nothing more than commodities that are exchanged. Because the model of these people, the same two or more characters who are present in pornographic films, are like wax in the hands of the director and producer, which take different forms, become smaller and bigger, take shape and finally disappear. .

The harmful effects of viewing pornographic films and images

According to the research of the researchers of the Department of General Psychology at the University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany (which is known as one of the top 10 universities in Germany), it was found that the impact of physical communication between two people is in no way comparable to its non-physical types (virtual). The results of this research show that watching pornographic films and images has a destructive and harmful effect on the learning performance and memory of humans.

Two neuroscientists from the University of Texas also concluded in their research that viewing porn videos can cause anatomical changes in the structure of the brain and the communication network of nerves. Also, the findings of 5 years ago by Dr. McGough, a professor at the University of California, have determined that the events that occur during emotional stimulation are stored in the brain by the hormone of the adrenal gland and are difficult to clear, and this assumption can be partially explained by the effect of addiction. To describe pornography and pornography.

Meanwhile, the power and role of “human will” should not be neglected. Although few people in the world express their successful experience in leaving “addiction to porn movies and images”, but reviewing the memories of people who have reached ruin, nothingness and emptiness on this path and their family life and emotions have been destroyed, is good. And Roshni expresses the realities and truths hidden in this field and inhuman industry. Therefore, conscious people save themselves from danger before reaching the point of falling; The means of this salvation is nothing but will and awareness.

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