Pregnancy and birth

For many women, the health of their children is more important than their own health, but achieving a smooth pregnancy and the birth of a healthy and strong child requires that the mother be in a favorable position. The more you provide for your health, the less medical help you will need. It is better to prepare for pregnancy months before deciding to have a baby. Physical condition before pregnancy, in Your child’s future health plays a significant role. During pregnancy, the body must provide a rich source of nutrients for the growing baby and the placenta (which feeds the baby). To ensure that the necessary substances will be present in abundance during the days of pregnancy, you must have stored food sources in the tissues of the body. If you have recently had a baby, your body’s main food sources may be somewhat reduced; Therefore, it is wise to leave a considerable gap between your pregnancies to give your body a chance

Find enough to replenish lost nutrients. To prevent untimely pregnancy, mothers should use contraceptive methods at least 9 months after giving birth, but if you want to get pregnant after the desired time, you need to stop taking birth control pills because it may be possible to get pregnant again until Procrastinate for a long time. Additionally, these pills deplete your body’s food supply, so avoid them and use condoms to prevent pregnancy. When preparing for pregnancy, it is not wise to diet more than usual. In fact, statistical studies have shown that women who are fit compared to our society’s standards have a significantly better chance of having healthy babies at the time of delivery than mothers who are weak and skinny during pregnancy. Women who are underweight before pregnancy are 4 times more likely to have an underweight baby (compared to women who are overweight at this time). Most of the time, in low weight children, there is a possibility of suffering from contractile disorders and suffering from some diseases, such as a lesion in the spine, which is caused by the complete unification of the vertebral arches in the middle line. This lesion is sometimes very extensive, so that it causes swelling and protrusion of the spinal cord and the diffuse membranes, and sometimes it is mild, so that it is detected only in radiography. From heart abnormalities to chronic colds, respiratory problems, premature deaths are more common in underweight children than normal weight children. Therefore, you need to have enough nutrition to ensure that you have a fully prepared body. You might think that having a slim body is good

Although this situation will not be good for your child.

If you’re of average height (5 feet 14 inches), your baby is more likely to be healthy if you weigh 140 pounds before giving birth (30 pounds more than most women weigh at birth). Do not use chocolate and sweets in order to achieve optimal weight. Eat a whole foods organic diet along with nut supplements (such as hazelnuts and walnuts) and fruit to keep your muscles and other body tissues in top shape.

Those who use a good diet, consume a lot of pure sugar and white flour products, as well as those who have a small amount of vitamins and trace elements such as zinc, copper and other elements that play an essential role in the diet. be low; They reduce their body’s strength by detoxifying chemicals that are abundant in the surrounding environment. Some of these substances are known as genetic transmitters (the method by which information is transferred from genetic material to proteins). They can not only affect the woman and the egg she carries, but also cause sensitivity in the production of male sperm by creating toxins. Therefore, one year before deciding to get pregnant, you must make sure that you have had a good diet and that you And don’t expose your wife to potential toxins. Quit smoking completely before pregnancy and make sure your husband does the same.

B group vitamins are especially important during and before pregnancy. The reduction in birth defects in Scotland and Ireland are the most important countries in the developed world in this regard, and it is remarkable that it had a relationship with fresh vegetables and whole grains that provide these essential vitamins. Scottish and Irish women use less inappropriate and unnecessary foods compared to women in other Western countries.

If you are thinking of having a baby, you should avoid taking drugs before pregnancy, not only medical drugs, but also nicotine, alcohol, and birth control pills. Obviously, this is not always possible, but you can reduce the use of drugs by following the guidelines in this book. A serious effort to reduce the use of all medical drugs is worthy. Because research has shown that for people who take medicine for some forms of chronic diseases, there is a greater possibility of having retarded babies. A notable example is a drug used in epilepsy; This is despite the fact that the use of anti-epileptic drugs can often be reduced. It is not surprising if during pregnancy the principles of health guidelines are the same as at other times. A balanced life with enough activity and rest when needed, a completely optimal diet, a positive attitude towards your own life and your growing child and avoiding food and environmental poisoning will give you and your child the best chance for health. .

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