Premature puberty

What factors cause precocious puberty, how does precocious puberty occur, and if it occurs among children and adolescents, how should it be dealt with, and what are the ways to prevent this problem?

The age of sexual maturity has decreased in Iranian society. For several years, sociologists, psychologists and counselors have been warning about the sexual issues of the growing generation. They believe that lowering the age of sexual maturity will affect the future generation and its society.

A psychologist and consultant says, “Early puberty is harmful in all countries; But in Iran, it has become a more complicated issue and affects many factors.”

Dr. Mehdi Malek Mohammad said: The most important effects of early sexual maturity among children and adolescents is the effect on the marriage of the next generation; People who have a long gap between their sexual needs and their marriage. This issue ends up in the form of damage in their lives.”

This psychologist said: When we talk about sexual maturity, we are facing a physiological and psychological problem. Maturity, part of which is relative, has signs that are supposed to give humans the ability to reproduce; It means changes in body organs and hormones and the possibility of sexual intercourse.

This consultant continued: In different cultures, the age of reaching sexual maturity is different. In Iran, boys always reach this age later than girls. The age of reaching puberty in boys is 14-15 years and the age of reaching puberty in girls is 12-13 years.

A member of the Iranian Psychological Association said: In recent years, a significant part of our teenagers reach sexual maturity from the beginning of adolescence or the end of childhood. In boys, this age has reached 10-12 years and in girls 9-10 years.

Pointing out that sexual maturity is psychological and physiological maturity, Malek Mohammad said: when sexual maturity occurs, a person exhibits behaviors that are specific to the adult world; Because it is associated with intellectual and cognitive maturity. This maturity is a physiological and psychological maturity and thus originates from both.

He explained about biological factors: one of the reasons for early sexual maturity is biological issues and diet changes; From slow-cooked foods to junk foods and unsaturated fats: such as fast food. Fast foods themselves stimulate hormones and cause sex hormones to be released earlier.

Images that have promoted sexual maturity
This psychologist also stated about the psychological part of early sexual maturity: sexual maturity in its psychological part goes back to the teachings of teenagers and children. For example, the availability of social and mobile networks has led to the fact that children and teenagers can easily watch pictures or movies that stimulate their sex hormones. This is despite the fact that children of older generations did not have the opportunity to watch vulgar movies.

While pointing out the impact of the media on children and teenagers, Malek Mohammad stated: the taboo of watching images that are not suitable for children has been broken in Iranian families. In the past, if the movie was a video that had inappropriate images, the family would not allow their child or teenager to see it. Today’s children or teenagers learn about sex issues in the cartoons and movies they see, even if they don’t want to.

He said: “Watching sexual relations, if it existed in high school teenagers in the last generation, now it has reached middle school and even elementary school students.”

A member of the Iranian Psychological Association stated that precocious puberty is a crisis in other countries: Precocious puberty has also occurred in other countries and has caused crises in them as well. For example, this issue existed in America and left one and a half million teenage girls pregnant from illicit relationships. But in this society, since President Clinton’s era, a plan was followed to reduce the problems of sexual maturity among young people. Because precocious puberty is harmful for all cultures, and in general, anything precocious is inauspicious.

He also said: In Iran, however, we have not wanted to recognize the issue of sexual instinct. We don’t even want to see a 16-17-year-old teenager who has reached sexual maturity naturally. Anything that is taken unseen means that we are not ready for it, which can cause irreparable damages.

Sexual maturity is different in boys and girls
This psychologist also explained about the differences in precocious puberty in girls and boys: Precocious puberty in girls and boys has different characteristics. Girls are attracted to the opposite sex because they are looking for an emotional supporter in their relationships with the opposite sex. Their primary motivation is not to have sex, but to find a supporter. While in boys of the same age, the relationship with the opposite sex is a sexual relationship.

He continued: Therefore, girls are in a contradiction; On the one hand, they want emotional support, and on the other hand, they see themselves exposed to sex and finally accept it. For girls of this type, sex is a downhill slope.

Malek Mohammad also clarified: We do not have statistics about the consequences of premature sex for our boys and girls because we have not recognized the issue and all we deal with is denying it. Our educational system has left no room for recognizing sexual instinct and has only taught lessons, and education in the name of self-control and sexual restraint does not happen in our schools.

This psychologist also said about the two-part schools: One of the mistakes that happened in our education system is the conversion of three-part schools into two-part elementary and high school. This issue has caused us to confuse the coil more. Because each of these two stages includes students with a larger age range whose needs are not similar to each other. So instead of improving the situation, we have made it worse.

He warned about the weakness of education in families and stated: From the point of view of education, families are in a weaker educational situation every day. This is despite the fact that the parents of the previous generation did better than the parents of the current generation. Today’s parents behave passively.

This consultant said: As a result, we have a package that family, education system, communication system, nutrition style, climate, etc. will lead to premature sexual maturity without facing it.

Marriages affected by early puberty
Mehdi Malek Mohammad, in response to the question, “What can precocious puberty have to do with the future generation and marriage?” He said: The later the marriage takes place, the more damage is done to an individual and, consequently, to the society. For example, before, a 14-15-year-old teenager who reached sexual maturity had to wait 15 years to get married; It means 15 years of sexual abstinence. This distance has now gone further and marriages are happening later, and definitely a person can’t control himself anymore.

He clarified: Early sexual maturity and its long distance from marriage can have inappropriate consequences, especially for girls in our society. For example, a girl who has an illegitimate pregnancy will almost lose the possibility of marriage.

Malik Mohammad also said: Undoubtedly, early sexual maturity will affect the relationships and future lives of our children and teenagers.

Analyzing the relationship between precocious puberty and marriage of the future generation, a member of the Iranian Psychological Association explained: We are facing two issues in relation to precocious puberty and marriage; One is that there is a gap of 20 years between maturity and its legitimate and correct satisfaction in marriage, which is very large, and there is a possibility that a person will show abnormal behavior during this period. On the other hand, premature puberty can change people’s attitude towards marriage, childbearing, etc. For example, in the past years, there was a taboo among teenage boys and girls about communicating with several people at the same time; But now it is not like that.

Adolescents and children should be informed
This psychologist considered informing teenagers as the most important solution to prevent the negative consequences of sexual maturity and stated: the only solution is education, education and education. There is no life but the news in the exam / whoever adds the news, his life will increase. Therefore, whoever is more aware is definitely safer. Informing students about sexual maturity and the way girls and boys look at gender relations, etc., not in the form of advice, but in its scientific form can help them.

Dr. Mehdi Malek Mohammad said at the end: But the prerequisite of any training is that its content should be doubted in the minds of the officials. They need to accept that natural puberty and the need to connect with the opposite sex exist in our schools and that our teenagers are not robots. If the officials find out about this, they will start training. But unfortunately, the problem is that the officials in the field of education do not want to accept that a problem called abnormal sexual relations is increasing in the country.
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