Preparation and travel

Packing and carrying a personal food package, water bottle, cold meal, vegetable juice, fresh fruit, high carbohydrate snacks such as dried fruit, crackers, dry cereal (roasted wheat), bagels, cookies, Drinks that have high energy.
Bring enough food for the expected duration of your trip, which will include waiting time, flight and ground travel. Bring extra food and drinks if you anticipate delays.
Before the flight, during and after the flight, to maximize your body’s glycogen stores, emphasize and consume high-carbohydrate foods such as those found in the snack-pac.
Adjust your meals to include all food groups in a balanced way to provide the body with essential nutrients.
Drink plenty of cold fluids. (mineral water, fruit juice, milk)
To start, drink 500 ml (two cups) of liquid at the airport in the hours before departure.
Take 250 ml of fluids per hour during the flight.
If you are not sure about the contents of the bottles, check their labels.
Take care of prohibited drugs of ephedra. It is possible that your test will be positive.
Avoid alcohol.
Before the flight, set your watch to the time of your destination. Think a little and if possible coordinate the time of your meals with the time of eating at the destination.
Stretch and walk as much as possible on the plane to reduce stiffness and muscle stiffness.

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