Preparation of a new generation of condoms

The new generation of condoms, which have been prepared for couples to enjoy sex more, will soon enter the market. In the following article, you will get to know some of their features.

Scientists are developing a condom that they say is more pleasurable to use than not.

Scientists from the University of Wollongong in Australia have made this condom using “hydrogel”. Hydrogel can act and feel like human tissue. This wonderful find also does things like hypnosis.

The Australian team that developed this condom won the 2013 Next Generation Condoms Award, which is worth $100,000, to use for further research.

Hydrogel has been known for several decades, but in recent years, using it in the construction of artificial organs such as eye implants and blood vessels, it has become the focus of attention. Now Australian researchers, in collaboration with a university in Melbourne, plan to conduct more experiments and measure brain responses to see if hydrogel really feels better than latex (condoms available).

“If you make condoms so enjoyable that people count down the minutes to use them, then more people will use them, and we can stop the spread of disease,” said Robert Gorkin, who led the research. simply.”

Daily Mail

13 May 1394 15:37

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