Prepare homemade hair dye

What are the benefits of dyeing your hair with natural ingredients? If you want to dye your hair without using chemicals, you can get help from coffee, tea and various spices. Pay attention to effective hairdressing tricks in this field. Recipe for dyeing your hair with tea And we will provide you with spices in this section.

Dyeing your hair with natural ingredients is one of the best ways to take care of your hair. Products such as tea, coffee and spices for hair coloring are a great alternative to hair coloring.

Coloring hair with tea and spices

Products such as tea, coffee and spices for hair coloring are a great alternative to hair coloring. Save some money and let your hair rest against the chemicals. Read the rest of the guide to learn more about how to do this.

Recipe for coloring hair with tea and spices

Buy a hair dye bottle from a beauty salon to apply the dyes to your hair.

We prepare the mixtures in non-metallic bowls, so the color will not be affected by the metal.

Whenever you are ready to dye your hair, start mixing natural colors. You should use the paint made during the day.

Before adding the selected roots or flowers to the water, pour them into a tea bag or a ball-shaped tea filter.

Darken black or dark brown hair with coffee, black tea, walnut tea, cherry bark or cloves. Boil in water for 20 minutes and in the final rinse of your hair, apply the mixture to your hair.

Give your hair a yellow highlight with tea made from chamomile, ginger or flowers.

Add red tonnage to your color with paprika, cloves or rose hips. Make a tea from these spices, sift it, let it cool, then apply to your hair.

For light hair, create a bright highlight with rhubarb roots and water. Boil it for an hour, let it cool, straighten it and rinse your hair with it. For warmer tonnage, replace red wine with water.

Cover your white hair by mixing half a cup of sage and dried rosemary in 2 cups of hot water. Apply this to your hair once a week to achieve the color you want.

To darken white hair, mix 3 tablespoons of black tea, 3 tablespoons of sage and a bowl of freshly boiled water.


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