Prevalence of various infections in women

Did you know that the number of women suffering from various types of female infections is increasing, and with their arbitrary treatments, the severity of this condition will become worse day by day.

Ehsai, a specialist in obstetrics and gynecology, added: There are various types of female infections, but candidiasis is one of the most common female infections, so that most women experience it many times until menopause.

The use of antibiotics causes the growth of fungus

Ehsai, a specialist in gynecology, continued and said about this mushroom: since this mushroom is found in the body in its natural state, self-administration of antibiotics can increase the growth of the fungus.

He said: In fact, in addition to destroying harmful bacteria, antibiotics also destroy beneficial bacteria, and this is if beneficial bacteria prevent the excessive growth of fungi, and in this case, people should not use antibiotics arbitrarily.

He further said: Clinical referrals show that the number of women’s infections in the society is increasing.

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