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Today, cancer is one of the most common diseases among women and men, and of course, this disease does not recognize men and women, old and young, so it is better to prevent the occurrence of this disease by observing a series of important and key points. We have prepared food for you, so follow it to reduce the incidence of cancer in your loved ones.


What changes can be made in the diet to reduce the risk of cancer? Avoid nitrates? Taking refuge in fibers? Which way brings us closer to the goal? We’ve all heard a lot about food additives that increase the risk of cancer; In addition to natural compounds, food sometimes has synthetic or synthetic compounds that are added during processing or packaging, these are called food additives. Food additives are classified into different groups, each group has a specific role, including food essences, food colors,


Preservatives, thickeners, micronutrients and flavor enhancers. Of course, not all food additives can be considered carcinogenic. For example, artificial caramel that is produced from the combination of ammonia and sulfite in high heat and pressure is very carcinogenic, unlike natural caramel that is produced from heating sugar. Artificial caramel is used as a colorant in soft drinks, soy and many other foods, which have carcinogenic properties under the beautiful appearance they give to foods. The color of soft drink is obtained by using these artificial caramel colors


Its carcinogenic properties have now been identified. In mouse models, this color has led to blood, lung, liver and thyroid cancers. But on the other hand, there are some preservatives that have antioxidant properties and can prevent cancer in addition to other diseases, such as vitamin E derivatives, which are often added to oils as preservatives. Go not only to fight cancer, but to welcome health and vitality. Considering today’s busy lives, especially in big cities where most women work,


It is inevitable to use ready-to-eat, semi-ready-to-eat, canned foods, and foods that can be stored for a long time. Of course, by increasing awareness about the quality of food and having some suitable ways of working in food choices, it is possible to reduce not only the risk of cancer but also the risk of many other chronic diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, and on the other hand, having a healthy and cheerful life for We guaranteed ourselves and our families. For example, instead of paying attention to foods that have been prepared with artificial colors, when buying food, you can pay attention to their natural color properties. Green: the color contains anti-cancer chemicals such as isothiocyanates. They also contain lutein and zeaxanthin, which are considered as antioxidants.


In the family of vegetables, you can include green beans, cucumber, lettuce, peas, spinach, green bell pepper and so on. . . Yellow: Yellow foods are rich in vitamin C, and at the same time reduce some of the damage caused by free radicals on the skin. Orange: These fruits contain beta-carotene, which strengthens the immune system and protects the skin from damage caused by free radicals. They get old prematurely, they prevent it. Nutrients of citrus fruits (complexes) improve oral health. Red: Red foods contain lycopene. This substance is a known anti-cancer agent.


Ellagic acid in these products also reduces the risk of DNA damage. Flavinoids, which are mainly found in cherries, cherries, and the berry family (raspberries, blackberries, and blueberries). Purple: Grapes and purple cabbage contain anthocyanins that protect cells from oxidative damage and, as a result, delay the appearance of signs of aging. White: Onions, garlic, chives and shallots contain allicin and quercetin, both of which reduce the risk of heart attack and improve the functioning of the immune system. Cauliflower also contains sulforaphane, which is an anti-cancer substance.


In general, foods with the above colors have a wide range of compounds that have antioxidant properties. Regular use of these compounds strengthens the body’s antioxidant system. This system prevents cells from the effects of free radicals, which are naturally produced in the body, such as the aging process and various types of cancer. So, one should try to use the healing properties of natural foods while limiting non-fresh and processed foods by changing the family’s food pattern.

Why fruits, vegetables and some plant foods prevent cancer?
Plant-based foods do this in several ways. They produce thousands upon thousands of “phytochemicals,” which are natural plant compounds. Some of them are antioxidants and can protect DNA and even help repair it. Some antioxidants act on cancer cells and control their growth and proliferation. Vitamins and minerals found in vegetables, fruits, grains and beans produce and repair DNA and control cell growth. Some foods have a direct effect on a number of cancers; For example, plant foods contain fiber and reduce the risk of colon cancer. They also contain very little fat, have few calories, and make you feel fuller; Because they have more volume.

Why is it so important to stay fit to fight cancer?
We all know that overweight and obesity are directly related to some types of cancer such as colon, breast, kidney, esophagus, pancreas, etc. Various reasons cause these types of cancers. Increasing the amount of body fat, especially fat around the abdomen, is related to insulin resistance and increasing the amount of insulin. Research shows that blood insulin is not only related to blood sugar and diabetes, but the high amount of insulin in the blood causes the growth of cancer cells. High levels of fats increase physical inflammation and increase the growth of cancer in the body. The increase in fat mass in the body of relatively old women also creates some other specific risks. After menopause, the increase in body fat is directly related to the increase in estrogen, and the increase in estrogen causes the risk of uterine and breast cancer and the faster growth of cancer cells.

How does physical activity reduce the risk of cancer?
As you know, physical activity plays an important role in reducing the risk of cancer. Physical activity directly reduces insulin resistance, inflammation, and the amount of reproductive hormones, and indirectly also helps maintain fitness and prevent overweight, especially in old age; Therefore, be sure to have an average of 30 minutes of physical activity every day.

Does eating red meat increase the risk of cancer?
Yes – there is a logical relationship between eating too much red meat and getting colon cancer and maybe even some other cancers too. However, this issue should not make you completely eliminate red meat from your diet. Eating half a kilo of red meat a week will not cause any danger. It is better to go for it only occasionally and not to use it in your diet every day. Eating processed meats that are smoked and salted also increase the risk of colon cancer; Therefore, limit the consumption of this type of meat or remove it from your diet. Pay attention to the amount of sodium you get in each meal. Consuming more than 2,400 milligrams of sodium per day increases the risk of stomach cancer, the less processed foods you eat, the better. Alcohol consumption also increases the risk of some cancers; Especially in women.

Do cancer survivors need to follow a special diet? What kind of foods, supplements and nutrients should they avoid?
In general, cancer survivors can have a normal diet; Only people taking anti-estrogen medications (such as tamoxifen or aromatase inhibitors) should avoid eating foods containing soy; Because soy contains a type of plant estrogen and weakens the effect of drugs. If you have survived cancer but the effects of the disease and its treatment prevent you from eating well, seek the help of a nutritionist to tell you how to get the nutrients you need.

What is the best diet plan to prevent cancer?
In general, there is no ideal type of diet plan to prevent cancer, but there is a general rule to have a healthy body and avoid risks such as cancer: whenever you feel hungry, eat two-thirds of your plate from healthy plant foods, vegetables, fruits, Fill up on grains and beans and pour in the remaining third of animal foods, chicken, fish and seafood and a limited amount of meat. To make your food more flavorful and delicious, use healthy oils, some aromatic herbs, spices, citrus fruits and vinegars. In a healthy eating plan, the sugar needed by the body is provided through fruits, not chocolates and candies. Instead of using soft drinks and sugary drinks, use water, tea, coffee and natural fruit juices, because they contain less calories. Having this diet along with adequate physical activity and weight control reduces the risk of all cancers by a third.

Some people find it very difficult to follow certain diets, what advice can you give them?
Even if it seems impossible to have an ideal and complete diet, never give up on taking smaller steps along the way. Don’t say it’s all or nothing. If you can reduce your calorie intake by 200 calories a day, you won’t feel as hungry, but the same move will help you lose weight and you’ll have a lower risk of cancer and other diseases. If you can’t exercise for 30 minutes every day, at least 10 minutes of walking around your home is the most important thing to follow through on any program you start to maintain your health. You will not be safe from dangers and diseases unless you take even the smallest steps for a long time and quickly return from the way you entered. Some foods and foods, although they are harmful, have a more pleasant taste and usually make you want to eat them more. It is better not to completely deprive yourself of the pleasure of eating them, and on the other hand, do not make a large amount of them available to you. Sometimes you can eat some of them as a little fun; Because if you deprive yourself completely, you will become more greedy.

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