Prevent fatty liver disease with this protein

These conditions, which generally lead to chronic inflammation (non-alcoholic fatty liver disease), can cause fibrosis, cirrhosis, and eventually liver cancer.

This study on the basic biology of the liver paves the way for the study of treatments to prevent and prevent fatty liver disease. The results of this study were recently published in the journal Natural Cell Biology.

Non-alcoholic fatty liver is characterized by the accumulation of fat deposits in liver cells. There are many factors that can cause this disease that have not been well described. However, obesity and lifestyle, as well as aging, are associated with an increased incidence of this disease. Also, a number of large-scale genomic studies, gene types CPEB4 Have been linked to impaired fat metabolism.

Scientists in IRB Barcelona, ​​protein CPEB4 To study the function of this protein were drained from rat liver. They found that mice developed fatty liver as they got older. In addition, in young mice that have protein CPEB4 They were depleted and fed a high-fat diet, which was more pronounced..

Carlos Milo, the first author of this article and a PhD student in IRB Barcelona, ​​Molecular function CPEB4 Describes and demonstrates that this protein is essential for the response to hepatic pressure.

Without CPEB4The endoplasmic reticulum is unable to activate the response to hepatic pressure, causing hepatocytes to accumulate fat produced by the fatty liver.

Source: Mehr News

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