Prevent MS from getting worse

People with MS are advised to avoid certain things to prevent the disease from getting worse and to fight it.

In addition to medication, lifestyle modification is essential for the management of MS. Smoking Irregular exercise and unhealthy foods, as well as stress, are harmful to all people, including people with MS.

To minimize the symptoms and slow down the process of this disease, you should design a program that is suitable for you under the supervision of a doctor. But in this article, we will discuss the habits that you should give up.

1. Smoking:
A habit that is harmful to everyone, especially those with MS, is smoking; Because this harmful habit aggravates the symptoms of the disease and accelerates its progression. The results of the study show that quitting this habit, even after contracting it, can slow down the course of the disease.

2. Unhealthy eating plan:
Eating healthy foods is even more important if you have a condition such as MS. Unhealthy nutrition can negatively affect bowel and bladder function, body energy levels, and put you at risk for other diseases such as heart disease or high blood pressure. Although there is no specific diet for this group of patients, it is recommended to follow a high-fiber, low-fat diet.

3. Lack of mobility:
MS patients used to be asked to rest a lot. But now experts have come to the conclusion that this advice is not appropriate. Exercise is also good for brain health and is partly due to the cognitive impairment that is often a symptom of MS. It does prevent, but 20 minutes of walking or stationary cycling under the supervision of an experienced trainer can be very beneficial for brain health. Do the activities you love, at the hour of the day when you have the most energy.

4. Doing multiple tasks simultaneously:
Doing a few things together can make you too tired and as a result you will need more time to recover. As the disease progresses, your body’s strength will also decrease. Adopt a practical plan that includes working time, rest and entertainment. Take a break between work. Do not try to push yourself to finish a task.

5. Not having quality sleep:
This condition can cause sleep disorders. Insomnia, along with side effects such as pain, fatigue and depression, can make it difficult for a person to balance physical and mental work. To improve sleep quality, avoid caffeinated beverages before bed. A regular sleep schedule. Create. Try to wake up and go to bed at the same time every day, even on holidays. Your bedroom should be a quiet, cool environment free of any distractions (such as TVs).

6. Not caring about your health:
People with MS should take care of their general health so that if there is a problem, they can control it in time. First, see a dentist regularly. See your doctor. In general, do any necessary examinations that your doctor recommends.

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