Prevent skin wrinkles with these proteins

Dr. Elham Sadeghzadeh, dermatologist, hair and beauty doctor:

Most people use Botox to rejuvenate their face. We all like to have young, lush, freckled skin. To stay fresh and young, you need to eat skin protein-rich foods such as collagen and elastin. These proteins eliminate wrinkles and prevent sagging skin. This nutrient works just like Botox injections except it is natural.

Collagen is a skin protein that maintains the structure of the skin, but with age, this protein disappears and wrinkles appear on the face. Lack of collagen makes the skin thin, loose and sagging. In addition to the aging process, other factors that damage the skin are sun exposure, smoking, stress, air pollution, and so on. To have young skin, in addition to cream, you should also use suitable foods.

Instead of having expensive cosmetic surgeries with dangerous side effects, you can use low-cost but high-impact home masks to maintain the beauty of your appearance and increase its attractiveness.

All women around the world want to have beautiful, wrinkle-free skin, and many use treatments such as Botox injections, which have severe side effects and, according to the latest research, Botox toxin spreads throughout the body and can lead to diseases. Lethal, including Guillain’s crippling syndrome.

But some home remedies made from natural ingredients can rejuvenate the skin without the need for dangerous chemical treatments.

If you can not find a way to get rid of wrinkles on your skin other than Botox, it is better to try using this homemade mask.

Natural Botox for the skin at home

Here we teach a very effective homemade skin mask that can strengthen and maintain the elasticity of the skin.

To prepare this mask, you need corn starch and sour cream in the amount of one tablespoon and some fresh carrot juice.

First, mix about 100 ml of water with cornstarch and put it on a gentle heat until the water evaporates to get a thick paste, then after the water cools, add natural carrots and sour cream to the mixture to complete the mask.

Before using this mask, first wash your face thoroughly, then cover all the desired areas of the skin with the mask and wait for about 30 minutes, after this time, wash your face with warm water to remove the rest of the mask material from the skin surface.

This mask should be stored in the refrigerator and in a cool environment and it is recommended to use it about three to five times a week for best results.

In addition to using a mask, eating fresh fruits and vegetables, facial massage, using sunscreens, avoiding smoking and not having stress are all effective in maintaining beautiful and young skin.

Dr. Elham Sadeghzadeh, dermatologist, hair and beauty doctor:

Dr. Elham Sadeghzadeh is a medical graduate of Qazvin University of Medical Sciences It is 1381. وی Managing director and founder of the brilliant beauty clinic in the area ۲۲ Tehran, Head of Student Research and Project Management Center He is the director of the Rheumatology Research Center and an active researcher at the Stem Cell Research Center with a degree in skin care from the Instituto Staderm in Paris. Dr. Sadeghzadeh has undergone courses in laser therapy, Botox injections, gels, mesotherapy, carboxysection, fractional laser, microsurgery and Araf. He activityهای 6 Dr. Sadeghzadeh is fluent in English and French and has two research papers in Congress. 2012OMICS Chicago America has provided.

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