Prevent the flu with Iranian medicine

In this first section, we will define the flu, then we will discuss the difference between the flu and the common cold, and then we will list the ways to prevent the flu in the following list. Let’s not be seasonal

The condition in which infectious diseases spread and epidemics occur is called “cholera” in ancestral medicine. The flu epidemic is one of them.

The disease presents with symptoms of fever, cough, runny nose, and body aches that are similar to the common cold but have more severe symptoms.

Differences between colds and flu

1- The most important difference is that the onset of the flu is very rapid and acute, so that the patient mentions the date of onset of the disease and even the time of onset, but in the common cold symptoms begin gradually.

2- The symptoms of the disease are more severe in the flu

Ways to prevent the flu

1- No close contact with the suspected patient

2- Separating the patient’s food containers

3- Using a mask (it is better if this mask is impregnated with a little vinegar and garlic or onion juice)

4- Washing hands before and after eating


People prone to the flu

1- People who have weak vigor such as heart, lung, liver patients and patients with chronic diseases, anemic and disabled people

2- People who have more sexual intercourse

3- Those who overeat and have less physical activity, that is, waste products are accumulated in their bodies.

Increase body resistance and prevent the flu

1- Limiting the consumption of fruits, salads and mushrooms that cause the production of raw moisture in the body

In this case, it is better to eat figs and raisins

2- Consume soup including barley, some rice, parsley, coriander, spinach and beet leaves with olive oil and salt and a little turmeric. This soup removes concentrated and waste materials from the body

3- Reducing the amount of food to prevent the accumulation of toxins in the body

4- Reduce consumption of meat, dairy and eggs

5- Using opium and antidotes that remove toxins from the body, such as a little beef oil, adding a little cinnamon to tea, eating meatless chickpeas, grated apples with a little cinnamon

6- Avoid strenuous activity and fatigue

7- Avoiding sexual intercourse as much as possible

8- Put a container containing vinegar and onion or sliced ​​garlic (separately) in different places of the house

9- Swinging helps to analyze excess moisture

10- Avoid consuming cold water

11- Using the pleasant scents that have been emphasized

12- Avoiding grief and using entertainment such as talking to friends and relatives or eating a little apple and

13- Smoking frankincense, case leaves and marjoram at home

14- Add a little vinegar to water or boil water

The most important preventive measures are reducing food, limiting the consumption of meat, eggs and milk, reducing sexual intercourse, using fragrance, eliminating body waste and ensuring the health of drinking water.


Food for patients with colds and flu

The same soup is foretold and it is necessary to be without meat.

Increase immunity against influenza

Veteran physiologist and toxicologist Dr. Ordobadi defines poison as: “Any substance that is unfamiliar with the cellular environment or is needed in excess is a poison.” Therefore, substances from the metabolism of food that are not completely excreted are considered a kind of toxin, which in ancestral medicine is called rejection mixture, excrement or foreign moisture.

These substances prevent the proper biochemical reactions in the body from leading to cell intoxication and oxidation reactions. In this case, the antibodies are not produced fast enough and the proliferation of white blood cells will be delayed.

In this case, the conditions for the growth and multiplication of microbes, including the influenza virus, will be provided, ie humoral and cellular immunodeficiency, and these toxic substances may be a good substrate for the growth of microbes.

Therefore, the solution to increase immunity in the body is to reduce waste or deplete the body, which can be achieved in the following ways:

1- Reduce the amount of food so that more toxins are not produced and nature has the opportunity to excrete the previous substances (contrary to the general belief that in order to strengthen the body in this period, it tries to increase food consumption, especially in children)

2- Correction and strengthening of the first digestion, the lack of which causes the accumulation of moisture in the body

3- Reduce the consumption of fruits and substances that produce raw moisture in the body (high consumption of citrus fruits and fruits such as nectarines and watermelons is also not suitable)

4 – Avoid drinking cold water that disrupts all digestion

5- Moderate exercise and play swing

6- Proper sleep to prepare waste materials for good disposal

7- Avoiding sadness and stress

8- Eating substances that have an antidote effect that repel toxins such as chamomile and cinnamon

9- Smelling natural fragrances to strengthen the soul (and the body of the head)

10- Gradual increase of clothing in the cold season so that the body has the opportunity to adapt to the cold.


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