Prevent your belly from becoming bulky

As you know, nutrition and fattening foods are the most important cause of belly enlargement.Bread, Ricepotatoes and pasta Among the first-line defendants are obesity in people.

The nutritionist warned against consuming too much rice and said: Big bellies, which sometimes prevent people from working, are the result of consuming too much rice.

Morteza Safavi warned about excessive consumption of rice and starchy foods. He said: Foods that have starch like rice cause the stomach to enlarge, and in some cases even this stomach prevents people from working comfortably.

Referring to conducting research in one of the cities where rice is grown, this nutritionist said: People in this region have very big bellies because they consume a lot of rice, so that when they sit at the table, they can hardly reach the items on the table. .

He also said about wheat, barley and potatoes: these foods also cause the stomach to grow, especially if barley juice is mixed with alcohol.

Earlier, Brilliant Bozormehr, nutrition consultant, said that rice does not contain any vitamins and proteins except vitamin B.

He said: Rice is a rich source of vitamin B family, but most of this vitamin is in rice bran, which is unfortunately thrown away.

This nutrition consultant pointed to the eating habits of Iranians and said: Some Iranian families have a habit of draining rice, which causes the rice to lose its vitamins. He emphasized: By draining, the small amount of vitamin B that What is left in the rice is thrown away.

Bozormehr advised: Since rice contains only B vitamins, this vitamin is lost by draining it, so it is better to cook this food as a cutlet and eat it.

October 7, 2013 14:39

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