Preventing damage to hair during coloring

How can we observe the safety tips about coloring our hair, when we want to color our hair, what methods should we use so that they are not harmed?

When hair dye first hit the market, its ingredients included coal tar, which caused allergic reactions in some people. Currently, hair dyes are made from petroleum sources, but they still contain old materials and coal tar.

Some studies have raised the risk of using hair color and getting some cancers, while other studies have not mentioned this.

However, in general, experts suggest that to reduce the risk of cancer, it is better to use less hair color over time. You can also avoid hair dye until the hair is gray.

Follow these safety tips when coloring your hair:

Do not keep hair color on your head for longer than necessary.

Wash the scalp thoroughly with water after dyeing the hair.

Wear gloves when applying hair dye.

Follow the instructions on the hair dye package carefully.

Never mix different hair color products together.

In terms of not having an allergy, test the hair color before using it. Pay attention to the instructions in the product brochure to perform this test. Test a small amount of hair dye behind the ear, if allergy symptoms such as itching, burning, and redness do not appear after two days, you can be certain that you are not allergic to hair dye.

Never dye eyebrows and eyelashes with hair dye. An allergic reaction to the dye may cause swelling or an increased risk of infection in the eye area. This reaction may damage your eyes and even cause blindness. Accidentally spilling hair dye into the eye may also cause permanent damage.

Is hair dye safe for pregnant women?

Complete information about the safety of hair coloring during pregnancy is not available. It is possible that when using hair dye, a small amount of it enters the body. Therefore, very small amounts of the chemical may be able to reach the fetus, if such a thing is possible at all.

In some animal and human studies, no changes have been observed in the effect of hair color on the developing fetus. If you are concerned about this, consult your doctor.


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