Prevention and definitive treatment of freckles

Many men and women are uncomfortable with freckles. In this section of Dr. Salam’s medical magazine, we will introduce you to freckles and their treatment and prevention methods. TRICHOPTLOSIS is an injury caused by brushes and hair dryers. In this damage, the protective layer and surface of the hair at the end of the hair fibers at the tip of the hair is lost. Frizz occurs mostly in dry and brittle hair. When the protective surface of the hair is destroyed and it is not possible to replace it, the hair becomes many branches. Although many years ago, women used to burn the tips of their hair to fight against frizz, but this causes more cells to be destroyed. In any case, this problem is very common.

Before we tell you the ways to treat freckles, it is necessary to know why and for what reason freckles appear so that you can take care of them and if you have freckles, you should be more careful from now on. Acidic or alkaline shampoos, permanent curls, excessive dyeing, excessive bleaching, use of nylon and metal brushes, and combs with sharp teeth are effective in causing and intensifying frizz.

Methods of treating freckles:

There are different ways to treat freckles:

– Pour one glass of bayan sweet in three glasses of boiled water and let it boil for 10 minutes and infuse slowly. After it cools down, strain it and apply this liquid to your hair every day. After a short time, you will notice that your freckles have been cured.

– Soak the sesame root in boiling water and let it stay like that for 15 minutes. After that, boil the sesame root in boiling water for 30 minutes; Apply the filtered liquid to your hair.

– Put your hair in boiled onion egg water.

– Using a decoction of chamomile flowers and marshmallow flowers once a month is useful for treating freckles.

Pour a few drops of ammonia in a basin of water and wash your hair with it.

Mix an equal amount of raw coffee, raw chickpeas, runas and egg yolk and make a paste and apply it to your hair. In the morning, wash your hair and grease it with olive oil.

– Soak rhubarb flower, dill and cedar in equal amount of water and after it stays for 24 hours, apply the strained liquid on the head.

– Mix half a kilo of raw chickpea flour with 200 grams of Mord leaves and half a kilo of henna, then divide it into five parts and rub it on the head with egg yolk for five nights in a row.

– Almond oil, violet oil and Katira oil are useful for treating frizz.

Apart from the herbal treatments mentioned for the treatment of freckles, pay attention to the following:

– Cut the ends of the hair a few centimeters short.

– Use brushes and combs made of natural materials (wood, etc.).

– Apply vegetable oils to your hair.

– Use natural shampoos that are not acidic or alkaline.

– Do not use very hot water when washing your hair.

– Use hair dryer less.

– Braid your hair sometimes.

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