Prevention of Alzheimer’s disease with a healthy food basket

In this section, we will show you how to cook a delicious dish with salmon, which has more omega-3, vitamin D, and protein than other types of salmon, and its healthy, low-calorie, well-textured meat cooks quickly and is delicious and fragrant. We have prepared for the prevention of Alzheimer’s.

According to Khabardagh, citing Shafa Online, Alzheimer’s is the most common form of dementia. The symptoms of this disease begin with the loss of ability to retain information, especially temporary memory, in old age, and gradually end with the loss of ability to recognize time, depression, loss of speech, isolation, and finally death due to respiratory problems. You probably agree with us that today Alzheimer’s disease worries people more than cancer.

One out of every three elderly people over 80 years old gets this disease. But having proper nutrition can be effective in reducing the risk of contracting or even delaying the onset of this disease.

Some scientific studies say that there is a possibility that changes in diet can reduce or increase the incidence of this disease and brain deterioration. For example, some of these researches show that in the past years, Americans have been more interested in buying and consuming excessive sugar and sweets, processed foods, prepared and frozen foods, canned beans, vegetables, and meat products, as well as sweet carbonated drinks. Whereas before, most of them had homemade food and fresh fruits and vegetables in their plans and they ate out every now and then. These researches show that Alzheimer’s is more common in regions or countries where the consumption of saturated and trans fats has increased or overeating in general.

Now it is clear that what we eat has a direct effect on the functioning of the brain, and some food substances can enter the brain’s complex system by penetrating the cerebral blood vessel (such as cigarette nicotine) or disturb the state of hormones in the brain. Besides this dangerous situation, healthy and clean nutrition can help the brain and affect memory.

Among the recommended foods to prevent Alzheimer’s disease (one of the brain disorders in humans, which is said to be better prepared for parents and the elderly with this disease), are healthy foods with different types of salmon or salmon. This fish has more omega-3, vitamin D, and protein than other fish, and its healthy, low-calorie, well-textured meat cooks quickly and is delicious and fragrant.

Maybe for those parents who are used to fried and roasted fish in a lot of oil, it is necessary to use several types of Lataif Al Hail so that they can eat this fish without comparing it to their favorite roasted fish every week; Fishes that are deep-fried in unhealthy multi-use oil and are devoid of any nutrients are still a source of delicious food for them.

One of these delicate tricks is to cook fish in the oven in an aluminum envelope full of fragrant and healthy spices and fresh and fragrant dry vegetables, which you will see in the following recipe.


– One or two fillets (boneless) of salmon with skin

– A little grated ginger

– Three to four cloves of grated garlic or one or two freshly chopped chives

– Fresh lime juice and grated peel of a lemon

– Fresh chopped or dried herbs (cilantro, dill, thyme, sage, leek and parsley)

– Grinded coriander seeds
Cumin and ground black pepper
– Cinnamon and turmeric
– A little barberry (optional)

Preparation method:

1- Place the fish skin side down on a large rectangular sheet of aluminum for the oven. The size of the sheet should be such that it goes around the fish and closes. The skin of the salmon sticks to the paper and is easily removed after cooking the meat.
We mix all the ingredients (spices, herbs, garlic, etc.) and rub the ingredients on the pink meat of the fish and leave it in the refrigerator for half an hour to absorb the ingredients.

2- If you like, you can add vegetables such as broccoli, cabbage, asparagus and a few rings of onions or scallions to be grilled with fish oil.

3- Preheat the oven to 200 degrees Celsius (400 degrees Fahrenheit) and put the wrapped fish in the oven tray and leave it in the oven for 25 minutes to half an hour. If after this time you feel that it needs to cook longer, we will add another 10 minutes to the cooking time.

4- When eating, we pour a little fresh lime juice or orange juice on the fish.

It is said that eating vitamin C and food at the same time causes fast absorption of iron and it seems that nothing is wasted in between. We should not drink tea or coffee for at least an hour after meals.

In photo one, our salmon is cooked in the oven in two ways. The right side in foil and the left side without any cover with the same material. The left side is more roasted and crispy and the right side is more juicy and soft. After washing and boiling black rice in water, (each pint of rice needs one and a half pints of water) it is boiled for 45 minutes with the door closed at a very low temperature until cooked and soft. Then we added some lentils, broccoli and peas to it.

What should be on the plate of Alzheimer’s patients:

protein; There is so much emphasis on consuming protein to help brain function that sometimes people’s eyes need to be professional protein pickers when buying food. The best source of protein for the brain is fish. Wild salmon, mackerel, trout, herring, sardine (non-canned) and tuna have been mentioned to prevent or aggravate this disease. In addition to fish, by reducing red meat, you should go for skinless chicken and turkey meat, leave the egg yolk aside, and consume low-fat or fat-free dairy products.

the vegetables; It is recommended to go to green leafy vegetables that have a dark green color; Let’s cultivate these types of vegetables like spinach and raw food.

Be friends with the cabbage family and go to them continuously and daily; Like broccoli, Brussels sprouts and cauliflower.

Turnips, avocados, and rhubarb have been named some of the most miraculous foods for the brain.

Raw vegetables are much healthier. But there is no problem with steamed or with a little spice. It’s just that vegetables should be a constant part of food plates. At least one type of vegetable should be consumed as a salad or side dish in every meal.

Fruit; It is recommended to consume at least two to three fruits with different colors (especially dark red colors) per day. The berry family is very beneficial, especially fresh strawberries, blackberries and blueberries. It is said that these fruits have a low glucose index and help in better blood sugar control and heart and brain health. Red grapes should be appreciated especially in their season.

Spices: Turmeric, cinnamon, curry powder, and sage (dry or fresh) are good for the brain.

Legumes: All kinds of beans such as pinto beans, red beans, lentils, mung beans and cooked chickpeas or in the form of puree and hummus or whole along with meat dishes are a good combination for the brain. It has been said that we should not go to these snacks only once in a while and we should get used to them in a normal and everyday way like snacks served with meals.

Sweets: Cakes and sweets should be prohibited and when the temptations of the heart are not stopped, it is better to answer the fleeting craving with a very small piece of dark chocolate (over 70%). A bowl of plain low-fat yogurt filled with chopped seasonal fruit sweetened with berries can replace all the destructive cakes, cookies, and pastries.

Drink: a small glass of juice a day, including orange juice with a little fresh lime or fresh apple and pear juice that is not too sweet. Pure cocoa powder with a little skim milk in the amount of one glass of cocoa milk, as well as green tea and black tea two to three glasses a day can help. If someone is a coffee drinker, one to two cups of (bitter) coffee a day is recommended.
One to two glasses of natural and fresh herbal tea per day (infused, not ready-made) can help. Cinnamon and ginger tea and lavender and chamomile tea are warm, soft and lovely choices in this situation.

Oil Seeds; Ground flaxseeds (both full of omega-3), walnuts, almonds, and cashew nuts of all relatives in nuts (unsalted and unroasted) are kind snacks and snacks that should be consumed continuously (not only during Eid) and They can support the brain and reduce bad blood cholesterol.

fat; It is said that two-thirds of the brain is made of fat. 70% of the cells that make up the cerebellum and midbrain are made of fat, the failure of which causes brain and nerve diseases. This is where bad fats can attack the root of the brain and good fats can make the brain work easier and smoother. That’s why we have to draw a line around all animal and solid and dangerous artificial trans fats. Canola oil, walnut oil, sesame oil, soybean oil and extra virgin olive oil are highly recommended.

And very important that; Avoiding anything made with white flour; White bread, white noodles, sweets and colorful cakes with this flour and white rice should be left out and replaced by brown or dark wild rice, whole grain bread and whole grains, which are healthy and keep a person full and energetic. They help the brain to do its work easily.

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