Prevention of asthma in students

Asthma disease One of the most common chronic diseases in childhood and the most important cause of absence students From schools. Due to seasonal changes, the reopening of schools in the first quarter of the year can have pathogenic consequences for our children. Respiratory disorders, coughing and wheezing are signs of asthma attacks in your children.

Experts say the number of asthma attacks in children under 15 doubles in the first week of school reopening. Researchers have cited an increase in respiratory infections and exposure to allergens as well as discontinuation of asthma treatments during the holidays. Asthma is an inflammatory disease that negatively affects the bronchi, causing severe coughing and airway congestion and wheezing.

What are the symptoms of asthma?

Asthma causes recurrent respiratory symptoms such as Cough, Wheezing and Shortness of breath Is. An asthma cough is a prolonged cough, usually lasting more than a week, that can disturb a child’s sleep at night. Asthma is incurable but controllable, and the family’s minimum expectation from the physician is to control the disease so that the patient is able to live a comfortable life and engage in normal activities.

What can be done to control asthma in schools?

Prevention of asthma in students

1- In order to provide a suitable environment for students with asthma, it is necessary to: Cigarettes Avoid smoking in schools.

2- Reducing contact with chemicals, dust, beetles, gypsum dust and various fungi will also control environmental factors.

3- The amount of temperature and humidity in the classrooms should be appropriate and an air conditioner should be used.

4- If there are wet and damp places in the school that are suitable places for the growth of allergenic fungi, they should be dried immediately.

Students with asthma should be encouraged to participate in all activities, including exercise. Using blue spray (salbutamol spray) before exercise and warming up will make these students tolerate exercise.

Fast-acting bronchodilators, usually blue spray (salbutamol spray), should always be available to the child with asthma and should always be easily carried.

7. Parents should inform school teachers before the start of each school year that their child has asthma.

8. Usually patients with asthma have written instructions that specify the necessary treatment measures and medications in case of attack and other symptoms. The schoolteacher should keep a copy of the instructions for each student with asthma.

9- Employers should also be aware of environmental factors that aggravate asthma symptoms in a particular student. Teaching how to use medications and reminding teachers to use them in a timely manner can be very helpful.

10 – In some cases, heavy exercise can be replaced with milder exercise, or exercise in very cold weather in the gym.

Asthma attack at school

When Asthma attack on one of the students What precautions should be taken:

1) Stop any student activity.
2) from blue spray (Salbutamol spray) To use.
3) Put the student in a sitting position.
4) If the use of blue spray does not control the symptoms, call the emergency room.
5) Repeat the use of blue spray until the emergency arrives.

Symptoms of student asthma

1) The student is tired in class due to poor sleep at night.
2) He is absent from school.
3) Has problems during exercise.
4) Frequent use of blue spray (more than 3 times a week, except before exercise).
5) has a cough or wheezing.

Teachers can be very effective in controlling asthma symptoms in an affected student and prevent parents from increasing the severity of symptoms and controlling the possibility of an asthma attack by informing parents about the above symptoms.

The need for a full-time nurse in schools

Prevention of asthma in students

Ideally, providing adequate health care at school requires the presence of a full-time nurse. A nurse trained in the field of asthma diagnosis and treatment is able to provide the necessary care to students with asthma, prepare a student health report, teach the use of sprays (drug sprays) and courier flowmeter (to measure expiratory air) in cases where Is required. Adequate facilities are required for the nurse to communicate with the medical centers to receive assistance and consultation in cases of need.
Educating all students and teachers to recognize asthma and educating students with asthma and their parents to properly treat asthma is the help of the school nurse.

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