Prevention of cancer

If you want to avoid dangerous cancers, it is better to prevent them from occurring in your body. We offer you some effective solutions in this field.

Natural cancer prevention depends on making lifestyle changes, here are 18 of the most effective.

1-Avoid sweet drinks

2-Consumption of resistant starch

3- Physical movement

4- Consumption of broccoli

5-Consumption of nuts

6- Consumption of garlic

7- consumption of the cabbage family

8- Eating artichokes

9- Exposure to the sun for 15 minutes

10-Avoid consuming grilled meat

11- Drinking green tea

12- Fish consumption

13- Keeping the bedroom dark

14-Consumption of onions

15- Walking a day for 30 minutes

16-Avoid tanning

17- Drinking milk

18-Consumption of berries

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