Prevention of cold transmission

How can we prevent the spread of the common cold and not let those around us get it? What do we need to do in this regard? What care and behaviors should we take in this regard?

Sometimes a cold can cause you to be late for work and not be able to go to school or work for a day or two.

But when one of the people living in your house catches a cold, it is very difficult to prevent it from spreading to other people. Preventing the spread of the common cold virus is the best way to prevent the common cold, so follow the instructions below so that the common cold virus does not spread in your home and you do not catch a cold.
Wash your hands regularly. Also, ask a person who has a cold to wash their hands regularly and as soon as possible.
Make sure you wash your hands well. Hand washing should take at least 20 seconds each time.
Disinfect surfaces that are frequently used and touched by family members. Bathrooms, countertops, open kitchens, door handles, toys and TV remote controls are some of the items that are frequently used and touched, so to clean them and other things that are often used in your home. Use antiseptic spray or wipes.
Dispose of all used paper towels immediately after use and do not allow contaminated paper towels to accumulate on the table and remain overnight.
Eat a healthy and healthy diet, eating healthy food will strengthen your immune system and be able to fight the virus.
Drink at least 8 glasses of water every day to prevent dehydration.
Be active and exercise every day.

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