Prevention of fat and dullness of hair in summer

In the hot seasons of the year, we often encounter greasy and dull hair. What recommendations should we follow in this regard to prevent this?

Direct sunlight is one of the factors that damage the skin and hair. Dull hair despite daily bathing is one of the most important side effects of the hot season; On the other hand, shiny hair plays an important role in making the face look young. Studies show that you can prevent dullness and greasy hair in the summer with a few simple solutions:

– Cover the hair
Studies by dermatologists and hair specialists in California show that direct sunlight is one of the most important factors that damage hair, which causes premature graying of hair in addition to dryness. Experts recommend covering the hair with a hat or scarf in the hot season. Brimmed hats are recommended to prevent the sun from hitting the forehead and hairline.
– The use of hair dryers and hair straighteners is prohibited in summer
The direct heat of hair dryers, hair straighteners or hair curlers is one of the most important causes of hair damage, especially in the hot season, which causes dryness and frizz in addition to hair vulnerability. Give your hair a rest and let it take its natural shape. Hair without makeup is more beautiful.
– Use sunscreen on the forehead, neck and around the ears
If you don’t want to wear a hat, it is essential to use a non-greasy sunscreen on the forehead, around the ears and neck. Be careful that the cream does not touch the roots of the hair.
Avoid washing your hair daily
Daily hair washing is one of the most important causes of dryness and hair loss. If you are in the habit of showering daily, try not to shampoo your hair every day.
– Do not pull the hair tightly
Pulling and tying hair and what is called a ponytail is one of the most important causes of damage to hair follicles and permanent hair loss. Try to keep your hair loose most of the day and don’t tie it tightly if necessary.
– Massage your hair with natural coconut or bitter almond oil before taking a bath or while sleeping. Irena

June 3, 2015 06:55

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