Prevention of fat formation in the liver

A member of the Iranian Gastroenterology and Liver Association and a professor at Tehran University of Medical Sciences said: “Poor nutrition, lack of exercise and inactivity are directly related to fatty liver disease; Therefore, it is important to study the lifestyle of patients.

Dr. Mehdi Saberi Firoozi; “That’s why fatty liver is more of a social issue than a disease,” he said.
Fatty liver is the excessive accumulation of fat in the liver; This means that the normal amount of fat in the liver may be five percent, but sometimes it exceeds this amount and reaches 30 to 40 percent, resulting in the accumulation of adipose tissue in the liver cells.
This disease is an internal disease and the way people eat and obesity has a great impact on it and is also a common disease in society so that about 30% of people may have fatty liver, the most important cause of which is weight gain, diabetes and consumption. There are some drugs.
The gastroenterologist continued: ان Patients with fatty liver may have no symptoms and only feel heaviness and mild pain in the right side of the abdomen, and because it has no significant symptoms, it may remain unknown. A person with this disease may not be aware of it themselves, and therefore people with fatty liver sometimes develop liver failure.
He added: “Fatty liver is not an independent disease and is a sign of other underlying diseases such as obesity, high blood pressure, inactivity and poor diet, and in cases where the patient is not obese or does not have diabetes.” Internal diseases, hormonal, metabolic, or viral infections and medications can cause fatty liver.
Emphasizing the importance of early diagnosis and diagnosis of fatty liver disease, the gastroenterologist said: “Whether fatty liver is an important complication or not, it can be said that it can be dangerous or not, and it depends on the cause of what Be and how to progress. Fatty liver can sometimes lead to liver failure and liver cancer, but if people ‘s blood sugar and weight are controlled, it will not be dangerous and there should be no fear.
Professor of Tehran University of Medical Sciences added: The term fatty liver in Western countries is different from our country; In the West, the cause of fatty liver is often the consumption of alcohol, but in Iran, the term non-alcoholic fatty liver is used.

** People with fatty liver are often employees
“Based on studies and the number of referrals for fatty liver disease, it should be said that this disease is much higher among employees and employees behind the desk who usually spend time at lunch at work and are less active,” said the gastroenterologist. .
Saberi Firoozi, regarding nutritional styles, stated: Iranian food is usually high in calories and it should be noted that the food consumed is not fatty, as well as the volume of food, low and the amount of calories received; For example, drinking soda is one of the causes of fatty liver because it is high in sugar and high in calories.
He continued: “Any amount of energy that enters the body through food, part of it is used and part is stored, and the energy stored in the liver, muscles and skin remains for a long time, assuming that 10 kcal per day in When the body is stored, a large amount of stored energy remains in the body for a year.
Regarding the effect of alcohol consumption on fatty liver, Saberi Firoozi said: “People with fatty liver should not consume alcohol at all, because alcohol consumption increases the risk of fatty liver many times over.”
“Fortunately, fatty liver disease (fatty liver due to alcohol consumption) is rare in the country, and according to statistics available among patients with liver failure, it is one percent among women and four percent among men,” he said. Percentage of these people were alcoholics.

** People with fatty liver should take care of their heart and arteries
Saberi Firoozi emphasized: those who have fatty liver should take care of their heart and arteries because these factors cause more death of these people and someone who has fatty liver should also have his blood pressure, fat and blood sugar tested.
He pointed out: one third of clients and patients with fatty liver have advanced disease and suffer from liver failure; These people may have been obese in the past or have a family history of high blood pressure or diabetes.
“The causes of death among people with fatty liver are first cardiovascular disease, then extra-liver cancers including cancer of the colon, pancreas, esophagus and stomach and even non-digestive cancers, and the third cause of death is the liver,” he said. It is greasy.
Saberi Firoozi stated: The European Association of Obesity and Diabetes and in general in the European Clinical Guide recommends that people over 50 years old be tested for fatty liver, as well as those who are obese, diabetic or have a liver test for fatty liver. Should be examined.

** Exercise three to four hours a week
Regarding the effect of exercise and physical activity as a good measure to prevent fatty liver, Saberi Firoozi added: “People are advised to exercise three to four hours a week or to exercise for half an hour five days a week, but not half an hour.” It can be done in one place, but it can be done alternately during the day.
He continued: “People with fatty liver should gradually add exercise to their daily routine, and the important point is that if someone exercises but does not lose weight, his fatty liver will still improve, in fact due to the activation of metabolism.” The body clears liver fat.
The professor of Tehran University of Medical Sciences suggested that in order to institutionalize sports in the society, the government should give subsidies or subsidies to sports so that sports would not be a problem for the people of the society due to the high costs of clubs and sports facilities.
Emphasizing the importance of nutrition in the possibility of diseases, Saberi Firoozi said: “The genetics of many diseases may be in our body, but the way of life causes diseases, and in fact many of the genes of diseases that were silent in previous generations.” It may be activated in the new generation. In terms of nutrition, there is really competition in our families and everyone is trying to have elaborate parties with colorful tablecloths.
The liver and gastroenterologist said: “Many national plans have been made about the spread of diseases and it is better to implement plans for treatment and by identifying people with fatty liver, present a lifestyle program including nutrition and exercise and the result.” To be followed, but we have not had such plans so far, which of course is very difficult to implement such plans.
Saberi Firoozi, emphasizing that culture building has a great impact on controlling the risk of diseases, added: “If we can create culture from primary and secondary schools so that people follow the diet and increase their activity, this rial can definitely be effective.” Because many of these do not require medication and can be corrected by lifestyle modification.
“I tell my patients that medications are effective if they have the right diet and exercise, because exercise plus diet is very, very effective,” he said, referring to exercise and diet. We want to give medicine.
Saberi Firoozi added: “We should look at the problem of fatty liver nationally and observe it in terms of nutrition, that is, instead of screening people for disease and ultrasound, it is better to prepare our diet, adjust the amount of calories in our food, exercise.” And provide sports facilities for people; These are things that both prevent fatty liver and prevent heart problems and cancers, so we can pursue multiple goals with one arrow.
“There are advertisements for herbal medicines that have not yet been proven to be effective on fatty liver,” said the liver and gastroenterologist. What there is about drug advertising may be based on the economic benefits that in many cases the company that makes the drug has to advertise, but how effective these drugs are is important; In the case of fatty liver, a drug that is effective has not yet been proven, and in this regard, people should raise their knowledge and awareness and not be deceived by advertising.
Saberi Firoozi stated: Fatty liver disease should not be exacerbated that 30% of people have fatty liver, because most of these are very easy to control and should not cause stress in society and it is necessary to prevent and encourage activities and control factors such as Let go of sugar, fat and blood pressure.

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