Prevention of freckles with these methods

We want to talk more about the factors that cause freckles, how these factors are created and how we can deal with them. What are the ways to remove freckles on the skin?

Freckles due to defects in some skin cells, a pigment called melanin is produced, which is the main cause of freckles.

Also, in some people, the hormones are not balanced, and estrogen stimulates the pigment-producing cells to produce more color as soon as they are exposed to the sun, and freckles are created.

The presence of freckles on the nose, cheeks, and face mars part of your beauty, and the effects of freckles cannot be removed from the skin with any fiber or soap, but there are ways to fade them or even eliminate them. And macs are round spots of melanin that are more common in white people.

These spots are scattered and are created by exposure to sunlight, freckles and freckles are more common on the skin in the summer season and occur in men and women equally.

*Cake Mac is more common in white people

A dermatologist and hair expert said: freckles are more common in people who have fair skin and white hair and colored eyes, which is actually a natural result of the action of pigment cells.

Hassan Mousavi Shafaq continued: the parts of the body that are exposed to the sun’s radiation are more prone to freckles, and this is because due to the sun’s radiation and ultraviolet rays, the melanin that is secreted from the skin’s pigment cells is unevenly distributed in the skin. The surface of the skin shrinks and causes freckles to appear.

He admitted about the cause of freckles: freckles can have two causes; Either it is genetics or due to exposure to the sun, some people are genetically prone to freckles and usually these people easily get freckles on their faces after exposure to the sun, and this is exactly the reason. Everywhere, the use of sunscreen is emphasized.

This expert said: freckles and freckles caused by the sun usually appear on the back and shoulders of people who sunbathe more.

Laser therapy, which is one of the ways to treat freckles

He stated: Although there is no definitive treatment for this condition, the use of sunscreen, avoiding exposure to strong sunlight, and creating a suitable covering for the skin such as various types of protection (hats and glasses), sunscreen can play a role in reducing it. .

In this regard, we had a conversation with another skin, hair and beauty specialist, Mehri Sadeghpour, who said about freckles and the reasons for their appearance: freckles are from melanin, and melanin is one of the substances that absorbs laser spectra and in The result of light and laser rays can remove freckles to some extent, although in most cases the removal of freckles is temporary, and whether it is permanently removed depends on the skin type and genetics of the client, and of course Other cares are also not ineffective in becoming permanent.

Regarding laser therapy, which is one of the ways to treat freckles, he clarified: Until now, many lasers have been developed and used to treat freckles, but the mechanism of many of these lasers are relatively similar, and this is an important point. What should be considered about laser treatment is that the first treatment session should be performed, which means that one area of ​​the face that has spots is lasered with different energies, and if the laser results are good after one month, other areas suffer from laser.

Using chemical peels for laser therapy

Regarding another way to treat freckles, Sadeghpour noted: Another way to treat freckles that must be done by a doctor is the use of chemical peels, although these peels can cause side effects such as redness, flaking become and even blister, but after a few days, the surface of your skin will be covered by a young and fresh layer that is not only smoother and softer; But the spots on it have faded and sometimes faded.

At the end of the use of sour lemon, he said: There are simpler peels that you can use at home and they are very helpful; One of these exfoliators is lime, lemon is a very effective exfoliator due to its acid, which causes the skin to whiten and even fade, and in many cases it causes the permanent removal of spots and freckles.

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