Prevention of gastrointestinal cancer with aspirin

Gastrointestinal cancer kills many people worldwide every year. Researchers’ research shows that people at risk of gastrointestinal cancer can reduce the risk of this disease by taking aspirin daily.

According to a study of 600,000 people, people who took aspirin daily had a significantly reduced risk of gastrointestinal cancer.

According to the findings of the study, patients who took aspirin daily had a 47% reduction in liver and esophageal cancers.

also gastric cancer Up to 38%, pancreatic cancer decreased by 34% and colorectal cancer decreased by 24%.

Gastrointestinal cancer still causes many deaths in the world.

Colorectal, stomach and pancreatic cancers are among the first five deadly cancers in the world, and gastrointestinal cancers account for 30.1% of all cancer-related deaths.

The effect of long-term aspirin use has been observed in the significant reduction of blood, lung and skin cancers and some breast, bladder, kidney and multiple myeloma cancers.

Source: Mehr

19 November 2016 21:10

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