Prevention of menstrual pains from the expert

A nutritionist said about the prevention of menstrual pains: Many of these pains are caused by a lack of iron or calcium, which can be prevented by proper nutrition from the age of 3.Shamsuddin Ansari stated: If boredom, headaches, fatigue and memory loss increase in a person during menstruation, he should be sure that these problems are caused by iron deficiency.

He continued: Headaches in the temple area and abdominal pain during menstruation are also related to the delay in the contraction of the cervix, which indicates a lack of calcium in the body. This nutritionist said: It is necessary to compensate for these deficiencies in the body both during menstruation and before and after it.

He added: The necessary food should reach the body at the time of “opportunity” so that the body’s reserve is ready for when it needs to lose iron. Therefore, mothers are advised to get their daughters used to consuming 4 main food groups from the age of 3.

Ansari explained about the 4 main food groups: the first group; It includes milk, yogurt, and dairy products in general, except for butter (butter is considered one of the oils in the classification of food), if a person suffers from obesity, it is recommended to consume their low-fat type.

He said: The second group; It includes grains, including bread, rice, pasta, etc., which is better to use whole grains, i.e. flour or wholemeal bread.

This nutritionist continued: the third group; There are meats and legumes are considered good substitutes for this group, especially when used with grains such as lentils and beans. The important point about eating these foods is that in order to absorb their nutrients, people should refrain from drinking tea or coffee 1 hour before and 2 hours after eating the foods of the third group. Also, it is better to consume this category with salad and vegetables, because the iron of these substances along with vitamin C found in fruits and vegetables is better absorbed.

He named the fourth group of main foods as vegetables and fruits and said: The advice of nutritionists is to use seasonal fruits and fruits that are grown in one’s living area, such as Khuzestan, where rutb is currently the seasonal fruit.

Ansari advised about the use of legumes that may cause abdominal bloating, especially during menstruation: every healthy person may be allergic to 1 or 2 types of legumes, but to avoid causing problems when consuming other legumes, they should be soaked. It should be noted 24 hours in advance and when cooking, it should be cooked in new water and used in the amount of 3 to 5 spoons with olive oil.

Regarding the proportional use of the 4 main food groups, he stated: Proportional use means using each group to an extent that does not prevent the consumption of other groups. For example, don’t feed the child so much meat and chicken that he doesn’t have room to eat rice and grains.


14 September 1392 23:49

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