Principles of keeping butter from spoiling

Emphasizing the mistakes of most people in keeping butter in the refrigerator and stating the characteristics of rotten butter, a food science and industry expert said: “Butter is very sensitive to corruption due to having a maximum of 16% water, and for this reason, in addition to buying To avoid softened butter, it must be stored in the freezer at minus 18 degrees Celsius (home or store freezer) and not in the refrigerator.

, Dr. Arasb Dabbagh Moghaddam added: In the freezer conditions of minus 18 degrees Celsius, butter can be stored for up to a year, but the temperature of the home refrigerator, which is about 4 degrees Celsius, is not suitable for storing butter and can cause mold growth and spoilage in this product. Provide.

The faculty member of the University of Medical Sciences stated: The expiration date listed on each food item is subject to compliance with its storage criteria, and if these conditions are not met, the expiration date will definitely be invalidated and that food item will expire earlier than that date. And becomes obsolete.

According to him, in order to soften the frozen butter a little during consumption, it can be taken out of the freezer and stored in the refrigerator at most only one night before consumption.

The faculty member emphasized that most shops in the city keep small molds of butter at room temperature: When buying butter, make sure that the butter is hard and hard like a stone when touched. Also, the effect of softening should not be seen in it at all.

“Given the declining population and declining consumption of butter compared to previous decades, it is recommended that smaller molds of butter be purchased as much as possible so that it does not require long-term storage,” he told Salamat Online.

Dr. Dabbagh Moghaddam pointed out: If we store butter badly, even if it is not moldy, it will change its taste, smell and color, which is called sharpness, and the quality of butter in this case will drop sharply.

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