Principles of skin care and care in the fall

If you want to have fresh and fresh skin in the fall and prevent dry skin, we suggest you get acquainted with simple home methods in this field. Try to use moisturizers and moisturizers for more skin.

We open and receive our body and soul for spring and let its breezes blow on us, because we have heard a lot and we have experienced that whatever the spring wind does with nature, it will do with our body and soul. کرد.

In the same way, in autumn we must pay attention to the breezes with which the leaves of the trees lose their freshness and greenness. Because autumn breezes and winds do the same thing to our bodies as trees do. The leaves of a thousand colors of autumn eventually fall from the branches and turn into rustles under the feet of passers-by. But in this transformation and coloring, we are not going to experience our spear. While enjoying the special features of the thousand-leaf tiny autumn, we must pay attention to the skin and its special care.

These days, we are entering a season in which the skin is exposed to heat as well as sunlight, in which the air is gradually becoming colder and drier. And skin and hair care in this season is very closely related to the degree of dryness of our skin and hair. During the summer, by going to the pools and exposing ourselves to the chlorine-rich water of the pool, we may dry out our skin and prepare for injury. Or that our skin is completely dry and prone to specific allergies this season. So you need to first determine if your skin is dry, oily or normal. In this case, you can better choose the right type of care for your skin.

The first step in starting proper skin care is exfoliation. By exfoliating the skin that has experienced summer and heat and sunlight, the skin is ready to accept the changes and developments of the new season. For exfoliation, it is better to use natural materials that, while helping to exfoliate, have less damage and side effects. It is best to use a physical scrub (such as a leaf or any scrub that has spherical grains) for exfoliation. You can also mix your body shampoo with sugar, salt or barley flour and massage your body with it in the bath. In exfoliation, be sure to pay special attention to the knees and elbows, because these areas are prone to shrinkage and dead skin. And as the saying goes, it is to close the cobra. In peeling to soften the skin, use fruits that contain a variety of fruit acids (such as alpha-hydroxy acid).

Principles of skin care and care in the fall

You must have heard that hands reveal age as well as diseases. It seems very natural for us to care more about our hands and keep them healthy and beautiful. Our hands are exposed to all kinds of chemicals in all seasons; Shampoos, soaps, bleaches and detergents, chemicals used in car repairs, all kinds of paints and dust in the environment. Therefore, our hands need fat and moisture in every season. This need is greater in the cold seasons of the year. It is also better to use natural ingredients to keep your hands oily and moist. There are various oils that are both lubricating and moisturizing.

Use calendula oil (marigold) twice a day. By combining a balanced amount of candola oil, eucalyptus oil, peppermint oil and aloe vera oil, you can make a natural cream for yourself.

This cream is well and quickly absorbed by the skin and nourishes it. You can use this combination at night before going to bed and massage the skin of your hands with Am for a few minutes. After each bath and after each wash, it is a very good time to moisturize and lubricate the skin. Of course, it is better to reduce the amount of bathing in this season. Washing the skin frequently as well as with chemicals makes it prone to flaking and dryness.

One of the best hydration methods for the skin is incense. You do not have to use a moisturizer when your living and working environment is humid enough, and you can minimize the amount you use it. Another good way is to drink water and the daily amount depends on you, you can probably determine how much water your body needs per day. Do not force yourself and limit yourself to those eight famous glasses. Every body needs a different amount of water according to its characteristics.

Using potatoes, apples, pineapples and persimmons as a mask will give your skin the necessary freshness and softness. Lie down gently and comfortably, let go of your skin and pull it out of the contraction and place the fruit slices on it. Let the fruit slices provide the skin with the moisture and vitamins it needs.

If none of these methods reduce the dryness of your skin, it is best to see a doctor. Because dry skin sometimes has metabolic causes that need to be investigated.

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